Neck pain and posture

Research has shown that there is no such thing as wrong posture. Sure, an attitude can complaints give to a body part such as the neck. We often see these types of complaints in people who do a lot of sedentary work or work a lot with a computer. These complaints are not caused by a specific wrong posture. But what causes them?

As just mentioned, we see neck pain in people who do a lot of computer work. Often these complaints arise from working in the same posture for a long period of time. It is then not specifically the posture that causes the symptoms, but the long period of time in the same posture.

My workplace has been modified and yet I have complaints?

Even adjusting the workplace will not solve ''posture complaints.'' This is simply because posture in which work is done is often held for long periods of time. This is why posture and neck pain go together. Now of course you are thinking if adjusting my workstation is not the solution then what is? The answer to this question is actually quite simple, change your posture regularly. Research has shown that the best posture is the following posture.

Neck pain and posture workplace
Neck pain and posture

Tips for changing posture while working

  • Change positions every 20 minutes
  • Go for a walk, coffee or a chat regularly
  • Fill your breaks actively and go for a walk outside (this can be done alone but of course also with a colleague)
  • If necessary, change chairs regularly or work standing for a few minutes
  • Regular on the phone? switch ears or stand for a while


There is no wrong attitude. There is also no perfect posture. The best posture is the following posture. Try changing your posture every 20 minutes. Do you work a lot sitting down? Try using our tips or exercises.

After our tips still suffer from neck pain Or other complaints you just can't get rid of? Make an appointment with one of our therapists now and they will help you!


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