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Complaints for Physiotherapy Tilburg

Neck pain

Neck pain can occur suddenly or slowly. Sometimes you notice that certain movements, such as looking back, no longer go well or are not even possible for a while.

Back pain

Back pain is unfortunately becoming increasingly common. These complaints can start spontaneously or slowly get worse.

Shoulder complaints

Shoulder complaints occur on a regular basis. Sometimes shoulder complaints are also a recurring injury. Possible causes are heavy physical work or sport.

Hernia complaints

A hernia is a bulging of the intervertebral disc. Between two vertebrae there is an intervertebral disc also called a disc.

Hip problems

Hip pain can occur at any age. The cause of pain from the hip can be very different.

Knee problems

Knee problems can develop slowly but also be present suddenly after a fall or an accident. In our practice we also see a lot of sports injuries.

Sports injuries

Sports injuries happen. Sometimes it goes wrong and most of the time it cannot be prevented. You pull a muscle, sprain your ankle or twist your knee.

Our method

Intake for Physical Therapy Tilburg


Extensive intake consisting of the interview, examination and first treatment.

Manual physiotherapy Tilburg

Manual Therapy

Treatment manual therapy

Moving with Physiotherapy Tilburg


Start moving with perscribed exercises appropriate to your symptoms

Training with Fysiotherapy Tilburg


Building up strength and function through training

Arjan Naaykens Physiotherapy Tilburg
Ruben Luijkx Physiotherapy Tilburg

About Fysio Fitaal

We are Fysiofitaal, for physiotherapy in Tilburg. We stand for modern physiotherapy. With our team of experts we are ready to help you get closer to your goals!

Our practice is set up to coach and treat people like you. We look beyond your complaint and work towards a long-term recovery. We always do this professionally and with a personal touch.

Treatment methods

We go beyond traditional physiotherapy in Tilburg. We use different treatment methods to treat your specific problem. 

  • NManual Therapy
  • NIntegrative dry needling
  • NSports Physical Therapy
  • NRehabilitation after surgery
Treatment methods Fysio Fitaal Tilburg


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