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Moving forward under its own steam.

With specialist and modern physiotherapy

on its own power forward to

A fitful life.

On your own power to a fit and (pain) free life. With our team of experts we are ready to help you get closer to your goal! We teach you to move forward under your own steam.

We at Physio Vital specialize in modern physical therapy. Our practice is set up to carefully guide people like you. We look beyond your complaint and and focus on long-term recovery. Besides our involvement in your process, we use innovative and measurable physical therapy. This way you will not only be physicalbut also mentally fitter!

Currently, we have two locations. Our first physiotherapy practice is located in Tilburg Centre, at Veldhovenring 57. Our second location is located in Tilburg Reeshof, at the Spaubeekstreet 89 At the Basic-Fit gym.

what we are progressive in


Sports Care

Sports Care

Sports injuries occur slowly or can occur suddenly. Here we distinguish acute injuries such as a whiplash in the calf or an anterior cruciate ligament that is torn.

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Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation

Anterior cruciate ligament

An injury to your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most common injuries to the knee joint. Every year more than 860,000 knee injuries occur during sport in the Netherlands.

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Physiotherapy after surgery

After surgery

The therapists are aware of the different surgical techniques and the corresponding rehabilitation protocols. Fysio Fitaal is affiliated with the traumatology network in cooperation with the ETZ.

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our specialist 

FITAL Method.

Because we like to go beyond traditional physical therapy, we use a unique and personalized treatment method to address your specific complaint: The FITAL method. This is a Clear and personalized treatment plan, focusing on the key pillars for your recovery. This way we achieve sustainable results and you can move forward on your own!


Understanding your situation and how we are going to improve it.


A specialized and personalized treatment plan for your recovery.


Achieving even greater gains for your situation.

Trochanter major syndrome

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