How heavy are push-ups?

Besides making you stronger, it is also good for your overall health. Research shows that if you become good at doing push-ups, the health benefits are greater than, for example, making a maximum effort on a treadmill. Jumping is a simple, inexpensive way to work on your health.

Research shows that adult men should be able to do 27 push-ups on average and for women it's 16. A piece of cake, right?

But how heavy is a push-up and how can you make it heavier or lighter if necessary? We will go through some variations with you. We start with the easiest variation and finish with the heaviest.

  1. Push ups with your hands on a 60 cm rise = 41% of body weight
  2. Push ups on your knees = 49% of body weight
  3. Push ups with your hands on a 30 cm rise = 55% of body weight
  4. Push ups (regular) = 64% of body weight
  5. Push ups with feet on 30 cm elevation = 70% of body weight
  6. Push ups with feet on a 60 cm platform = 74% of body weight

As you can see, a normal push up equates to about 65% of your body weight. You can make it lighter by raising your hands and heavier by raising your feet. See what suits you start with a variation that you can do at least 8 repetitions with. If you can do 15 or more, try the next variation. Good Luck!

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