Modern & measurable physical therapy

At your home.

After surgery, we come to your home in the first phase. This way you can start the first phase of the rehabilitation process in peace and quiet. We keep a close eye on the wound and sound the alarm when necessary.

Trochantor major syndrome

Physiotherapy at home in Tilburg

In some cases, coming to our practice is not possible or less possible. For example, after surgery for a new knee or hip. In that case, we also offer physical therapy at home. 

1. Wound healing

After surgery, it takes an average of 6 weeks for the wound to close completely. There may still be wound fluid coming out of the wound in the first week. This is normal. If necessary, stick a new plaster on the wound if you notice that the edges of the plaster have to absorb too much wound fluid. The sutures used dissolve on their own in most cases. Let us know if the area around the wound turns red or swells. Symptoms such as fever and an unexplained increase in pain should be reported.

2. Running

Good muscle control along with a normal gait pattern are essential for continued rehabilitation. Much attention is paid to this in the home situation. With the help of crutches you will be relieved and can focus on regaining normal gait pattern.

3. Practicing at home

When you meet all the conditions to be able to start loading more we provide muscle strengthening and mobilizing exercises appropriate to your stage of recovery. This way you can continue to work optimally on your recovery! 

4. Use of crutches

Phasing out use crutches indoors and outdoors.

Depending on the injury, the use of crutches is completely phased out over a 2-6 week period. Exceptions aside. Now that you can move again without crutches, it's time to take the next step in your rehabilitation.

5. To practice

Our practice is fully equipped for rehabilitation after surgery. We provide a unique and service-oriented environment to ultimately achieve your goals!

Contact with Physio Fitaal

Are you looking for sports physical therapy, regular physical therapy or can we help you with anything else? If so, please contact us. We have three locations, a practice in the center of Tilburg, a practice in Tilburg West and a practice in De Reeshof. Through the website you can make an appointment directly. Let our sports physio help you!