Hyperice Hypervolt Heated Head


Hyperice Hypervolt Heated Head

The ultimate addition to your percussion massage experience. Compatible with all Hypervolt models, the Heated Head Attachment helps to relax tight muscles and maintain your full range of motion, providing an even more effective massage.

– Targeted heat and percussion massage experience
– Melt away stress and tension
– Alleviate soreness
– Relax and soothe stiff muscles
– Loosen muscle knots
– Maintain flexibility and range of motion
– Support warmup and recovery

– Hypervolt
– Hypervolt Plus
– Hypervolt Bluetooth
– Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth
– Hypervolt Go
– Hypervolt 2
– Hypervolt 2 Pro
– Hypervolt Go 2

– 3.7V lithium polymer battery
– USB-C charger
– Up to 1.5 hour battery life with full charge
– Weight: 99g

Heat levels:
– 109°F / 43°C
– 115°F / 46°C
– 120°F / 49°C

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