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Unique & Tasteful

Unique & Tasty is committed to a healthy society and a better quality of life. Every client deserves care that is tailored to his or her personal situation, desire, illness or condition. Advise and guide people in a professional and personal way to promote their health through lifestyle. The focus is on healthy and full-fledged nutrition. 

Physio Vital x Unique & Tasteful

Unique & Tasty aims to promote the overall health of people through knowledge and awareness of nutrition/lifestyle and behavior. Unique & Tasteful helps people to find a diet that benefits their health and makes them feel comfortable so that it is easy to maintain, especially in the long term. The right nutrition and lifestyle is different for everyone and therefore Uniek & Smaakvol believes in customization, specialism and a personal approach.  A healthy lifestyle includes active exercise. When people are unable to exercise sufficiently due to injuries, Unique & Tasty sends them on to Physio Fitaal. We look at your physical complaints or injury so you can move and exercise freely again!

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Unique & tasteful

Unique & tasteful


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