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Keiser's fitness machines are different from standard strength equipment. You may be used to the machines with piles of weights that you can adjust with a pin. Keiser in contrast works on pneumatic pressure (air pressure).

One advantage of working out with keiser's equipment is that the resistance remains the same throughout your entire range of motion. This is not the case with traditional fitness equipment. This is because here we see that the force changes at every angle of the movement. Something that is not always desirable.

With traditional equipment, a lot of force is often delivered at the start of the movement and at the end, but you see a "dip" in the middle trajectory under the influence of gravity and momentum. More speed here negatively affects the amount of load in your movement trajectory. So with keiser's equipment we don't have this. Here the resistance remains constant even at high speeds.

Trochantor major syndrome

Constant resistance ensures that you do not get a peak load on joints, muscles and tendons and we can therefore always train responsibly, both with people who are less taxable due to surgery or osteoarthritis symptoms, for example. Another advantage over traditional equipment is that we can increase resistance in very small increments. Whereas with traditional equipment this is often done in steps of, for example, 2.5/5kg, on Keiser's equipment it can be done in steps of 100 grams. This gives us the possibility to train very well dosed. 

In addition to the patient group who are less able to cope, Keiser equipment is also ideal for use in later stages of rehabilitation. We can also train with very high resistances and even add extra weight discs to certain devices. With keiser training equipment we have the opportunity to address all aspects of training. We can work on maximum strength, as well as speed and of course everything in between. So we can make every rehab a sport-specific workout to optimize your performance as much as possible. 

Keiser's equipment allows us to provide optimal rehabilitation for every patient.

Want to get acquainted with Keiser's new equipment? You can! Consult with your physiotherapist when a spot is available at our location in Tilburg West. 

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