The 5 best exercises for back stiffness

Stiffness is a common complaint. Many people suffer from a stiff feeling in the back. Stiffness in the back is often caused by frequently adopting the same posture and not moving around enough. These complaints are therefore often recognizable for people who do a lot of computer work.
In order to prevent stiffness it is important to keep moving as well as to change (sitting) position regularly.attitude change. Now why don't we recommend the best way to sit? We don't because there is no perfect sitting posture! So it's not about the perfect posture but about variety. Because we would like to help you get rid of the stiff feeling in the back, we have listed five exercises that are effective in remedying these symptoms. The exercises not only make you move more smoothly but also work to strengthen your muscles!

1. Cable row:

A row is a muscle-strengthening exercise that, in addition to being useful for building strength, also increases mobility. The prerequisite for this, of course, is proper execution and a large range of motion (ROM). Performing a row addresses stiffness in the upper back, at the level of the shoulder blades.

2.Band pulls

The band pull is an exercise meant to strengthen the back of the shoulders and upper back. It is important to have a proper range of motion. In this case, that means not as wide as possible, but until the elastic band touches the chest. Furthermore, you can add variation by keeping the arms in neutral position, turning inward or turning outward. In addition to a good range of motion, movement speed is also important. Make sure you perform the movement in a controlled and calm manner.

3. Split squat

When you think of a split squat, you probably immediately think of training for the legs. However, besides this exercise having a function in the leg muscles, much more happens. The asymmetrical movement has a mobilizing effect in the hip and pelvis. In addition, along with the additional demand in stability, this causes activation of the core. With this, the split squat is very suitable for resolving stiffness in the low back. Again, of course, make sure to maintain correct posture and controlled movement.

4. Jefferson curl

The jefferson curl is an exercise where you start rolling down the spine from top to bottom. Huh, but you should always try to keep your back straight, right? No! The back, like the rest of our body, is made to move and perhaps one of the strongest structures in our body. So above all, don't be afraid of back bending and instead make sure your back can carry loads in all directions. The jefferson curl is not an exercise where you want to use the heaviest weight possible, that is not the goal. This exercise is useful to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility. So use a light to medium weight and perform the exercise gently and in a controlled manner.

5. Trunk rotation in supine position

Turning the torso in supine position is an exercise that is very simple but can also be experienced as very pleasant in cases of stiffness. All you have to do is lie on your back and place the legs bent down with the feet flat on the floor, then guide the legs to the left and right. This creates rotation in the back and often gives a stretching, relieving feeling. Here we recommend holding the end position for several seconds (5-10) before rotating to the other side.

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