Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation in Tilburg

Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation.

An anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation takes a lot of effort and is quite intensive. It can take up to 15 months to get back to a level where you can fully participate in your sport again. This takes a fair amount of willpower but also time. During rehabilitation there will always be small and sometimes large setbacks. Especially in certain phases it will be slower than you had thought beforehand. Patience is necessary. Our specialists will guide and motivate you as much as possible during this process. Fysio Fitaal works with specialists in the field of anterior cruciate ligament and sports rehabilitation. Through this combination of expertise, extensive facilities and passion for sports, you have come to the right place. Our sports physiotherapist Kevin van Geel is connected to F.C. Crossband and Team ACL.

Voorste kruisband revalidatie door fysiotherapeut in Tilburg

the fital method

A phased treatment

of the anterior cruciate ligament

Successful rehabilitation consists of several stages and steps. Proper strength, stability and control of the knee is necessary to safely return to your sport. Both after an operative procedure and with a conservative policy. For this we use our specialized FITAAL method, with the result that you will be able to progress again under your own steam.
This is how we treat the anterior cruciate ligament:

1. Fit.

In this phase, we focus primarily on symptom reduction. There is often swelling, pain and reduced mobility of the knee. In addition, it is important to regain good control of your quadriceps(upper leg muscle). After injury to the anterior cruciate ligament or surgery on that knee, we often see a significant decrease in strength and mass of the quadriceps. So it is critical to quickly regain proper function of the quadriceps. In addition, it is important to return to a normal gait pattern.

2. Forward
In this phase, there is more of a build-up in strength. Stabilizing exercises are also included. In between, you may also work on your general condition. This allows you to improve your mobility and vitality by leaps and bounds.
3. Final

The final phase focuses particularly on maximum strength, jumping power and explosiveness. This is all necessary to quickly change direction within your sport. Competitive fitness is also worked toward so that you can continue to perform under fatigue. The quality of movement must remain good under these conditions. This is because the chance of re-injuring your anterior cruciate ligament is many times greater under fatigue.

What steps do I go through during my rehabilitation?

As described above, rehabilitation consists of several phases. on the image to the right, you can see schematically which phases you will go through and the main objectives associated with these phases.

During your rehabilitation, measurements will be taken at regular intervals to chart your progress. Every 6 weeks there will be an evaluation moment where your current training schedule will be scrutinized and adjusted. your measurements will take place every 12 weeks. after these measurements, we will look together at your achieved results and determine whether you are ready to take the next step in your rehabilitation, based on predetermined criteria.

Knie artrose

what is best for you?

Surgical intervention or conservative treatment?

  • More than 9000 VKB reconstructions are performed per year in the Netherlands. Most primary VKB reconstructions are performed with a bone-patellar tendon-bone (BPTB) graft or hamstring (HS) graft. Both methods lead to good functional results and restoration of passive stability.
  • A better understanding of the structure and function of the anterior cruciate ligament has ensured that treatment, both operative and nonoperative (conservative) continues to evolve. Not operating may also be a responsible choice in some cases.

In people who are highly active and like to play a sport where you have to jump, turn or cut, surgery is the best solution in most cases.

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