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Because we like to go beyond traditional physical therapy, we use a unique and personalized treatment method to treat your specific complaint: The FITAAL Method. This is a clear and personalized treatment plan focused on the key pillars for your recovery. 

We use the 3 F's for this purpose: From FIT to FORWARD to FINAL.

That way we achieve lasting results and you can move forward on your own!


Understanding your situation and how we are going to improve it.


A specialized and personalized treatment plan for your recovery.


Achieving even greater gains for your situation.

Physio treats patient in Tilburg
1. Fit.

In the fit phase we look at what suits you. In this assesment phase we gather all the information needed to paint a good picture of the complaints. Fysio Fitaal stands for transparent physiotherapy. Together we come to a main goal to which possibly some sub-goals can be linked. A clear initial situation is outlined by means of various tests that are appropriate to the rehabilitation and the symptoms. Through these tests we can make your progress clear and we can adjust when necessary. The content of the rehabilitation depends on the specific situation and wishes. Evaluations are scheduled at set times so that there is a clear timeline to full recovery!

2. Forward

The forward is devoted to actual treatment/rehabilitation. This phase focuses on mobility, pain reduction and an initial build-up in strength and coordination. How long this phase lasts depends on the personal situation. The goal of forward is to be able to perform daily activities independently again. At the end of this phase we once again evaluate the specific wishes for further rehabilitation.

3. Final

We are going to prepare you for the period after rehabilitation. This phase is all about monitoring and testing. Based on the main goal, we work towards the finish line. Through a combination of various tests appropriate to your surgery and goal, we see where we can make the last gains so you can continue your rehabilitation without worries and top fit!

what we are progressive in


Sports Care

Sports Care

Sports injuries occur slowly or can occur suddenly. Here we distinguish between acute injuries such as a lash in the calf or an anterior cruciate ligament torn.

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Anterior cruciate ligament

Anterior cruciate ligament

An injury to your anterior cruciate ligament(VKB) is one of the most common injuries to the knee joint. Every year, over 860,000 knee injuries occur during sports in the Netherlands.

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After surgery

After surgery

The therapists are aware of the different surgery techniques and the corresponding rehabilitation protocols. Fysio Fitaal is affiliated with the traumatology network in cooperation with the ETZ.

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good to know

Rates & fees.

A treatment of physical therapy is reimbursed if there is a supplementary insurance for physical therapy. We have a contact with most health insurers. Please inform yourself in advance whether we have a contract with your insurer. This is your own responsibility. 

Intake & examination


Physiotherapy consultation / Dry-needling


Manual therapy consultation


Home allowance


Online consultation


Physiotherapy appointment not kept


If possible, we schedule an intake examination and a first treatment to set everything off as well as possible. If you do not have supplementary insurance you can therefore expect a bill that states intake/examination with a first treatment of physiotherapy or manual therapy. Attention! If the appointment cannot be kept without cancellation 24 hours in advance, we charge an absentee rate. This we do not submit to the health insurance but are costs for your own account. 

    What does the health insurance company reimburse? 

    Physiotherapy following surgery is reimbursed only when this condition is on the chronic list of physical therapy. For example, surgery due to a bone fracture or after surgery on your knee, think about repairing your anterior cruciate ligament or placing a knee prosthesis. You also need a referral from the doctor or family doctor. Also, you always pay the deductible. However, this is often already consumed because of the cost of the surgery. What else is important to know:

    • The authorization runs up to 12 months after the start of rehabilitation(the first physical therapy treatment)
    • The insurer will reimburse all costs starting from the 21st treatment
    • The first 20 treatments come out of your supplementary package to the extent possible

    Rehabilitation after surgery for a sports injury is covered by the health insurance company with the exception of the first 20 treatments. The first 20 treatments are (partially) covered by the supplementary insurance for physical therapy. You also need a referral from your doctor or general practitioner. Furthermore, you pay the excess. This is often already used up in the current year in which the surgery took place. If no operation has taken place beforehand, the health insurance company will reimburse the physical therapy treatments from the supplementary insurance. Physiotherapy is only reimbursed from the supplementary package. Are you unsure about your insurance?? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to look into it with you!

    Physio Vital has five locations. Our first physio practice is located in Tilburg Center, at Veldhovenring 57.

    Our second location is located in Tilburg Reeshof, at Spaubeekstreet 89C at the Basic-Fit gym.

    Our third location is located in a health center in Tilburg West, at the Professor Verbernelaan 37-D.

    The fourth location is in the Dragon Street 21, at Podotherapy Van der Kaa.

    The fifth location is in the AaBe Factory, at the AaBe Street 57A.