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Fysio Fitaal & Spartacus Tilburg


T.S.K.V. Spartacus is the student strength sports association in Tilburg. We are the association for everyone who has an interest in fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, everything in between or just going to the gym. Everyone is welcome, beginner and advanced!

We host theoretical and practical clinics every month. These clinics cover various topics such as nutrition, programming, how to perform certain exercises, technique and more.
Besides serious training, we definitely like to have fun! We organize social activities such as game nights, a BBQ, members weekend, Christmas drinks and much more!

Physio Vital x Spartacus

Our members at Spartacus have a passion for training, which means they train regularly. We also have a number of athletes who compete in powerlifting competitions, which carries the risk of (minor) injuries as they push their limits.

Many of our members were going to Fysio Fitaal before we were partners, and Fysio Fitaal specializes in (strength) sports, which made a partnership very logical!

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