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Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis is a painful condition that can affect daily life quite a bit. Although the name suggests that only tennis players suffer from it, anyone who makes repetitive arm and wrist movements can develop this injury. Whether you are an athlete, an office worker or someone who regularly trains at the gym, tennis elbow can unfortunately affect anyone. At Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg, we understand how frustrating this injury can be and offer effective treatments to help you get rid of your symptoms quickly.
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What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis. This involves irritation of the tendons on the outside of the elbow. This causes pain and sensitivity on the outside of the elbow and, in some cases, can radiate to the forearm and wrist. The symptoms arise from overuse of the muscles and tendons in the forearm, usually from repeated movements.

The symptoms of tennis elbow are often obvious. The pain and sensitivity experienced is on the outside of the elbow. These symptoms may worsen when holding objects, rotating the wrist or stretching the arm. Decreased strength in the forearm and wrist is also a common symptom, which can cause symptoms in various daily activities.


The challenge of tennis elbow

Tennis elbow can make the simplest daily activities difficult, such as lifting a cup of coffee, typing on a computer or turning a doorknob. Not only is it a physical hindrance, but it can also be mentally taxing, especially if the pain persists and limits your activities.

At Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg, we specialize in the treating sports injuries and overuse injuries such as tennis elbow. Our approach is based on science-based techniques, and we tailor our treatments to each patient's individual needs.

      Diagnosing tennis elbow at Physio Fitaal

      Treatment begins with a thorough evaluation of your symptoms, medical history and current lifestyle. During this evaluation, we perform specific tests to assess the severity of your injury and to rule out other possible causes of your pain. 

      Ultrasound has significant added value in the diagnosis and treatment of tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). This technique provides detailed visual information about the state of the tendons and surrounding tissue, which is essential for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning. 

      Tendon topicality refers to the current condition and activity of the tendon, including signs of acute or chronic damage. Ultrasound plays a crucial role in determining this actuality by identifying signs such as:

      • Thickening of the tendon: May indicate chronic degeneration.
      • Hypo- or hyperechoic areas: May indicate degeneration or acute inflammation, respectively.
      • Presence of neovascularization: Indicative of a chronic inflammatory process.

      Ultrasound allows us to obtain real-time images of the tendon and surrounding structures. This helps us accurately identify issues such as tears, thickening, and degenerative changes in the tendon. In tennis elbow, ultrasound can help distinguish different causes of lateral elbow pain, such as tendonitis, tendon tears, and bursitis.

      Not always inflammation in the tendons

      We must be careful when using the term "tendonitis" (tendinitis) because this designation often implies that an active inflammatory process is present. In many cases, especially chronic tendon problems, there is no longer active inflammation. Here are some reasons why it is important to use this terminology carefully:

      In long-term tendonitis, the inflammatory phase has often already passed. The term "tendinitis" suggests acute inflammation, when in reality the tendon often goes through a chronic degenerative process known as tendinopathy or tendinosis. This degenerative process includes changes such as collagen deformation, cell loss, and neovascularization, with no obvious signs of inflammation.

      Treatments for tendinitis focus on reducing inflammation, such as the use of NSAIDs, ice applications and rest. In chronic tendon conditions such as tendinopathy, these treatments are often ineffective or even counterproductive. Here, focusing on tendon repair and strengthening through exercise and physical therapy is more effective. Misnaming the condition can lead to incorrect treatment strategies.

      The use of the term "tendinitis" can create an expectation in patients that the condition will improve quickly with anti-inflammatory treatments and rest. However, with chronic tendinopathies, the recovery process is longer and more complex, which can lead to frustration and disappointment in patients if the expected rapid improvement does not occur.

      Treating tennis elbow at Physio Fitaal

      At Physio Vital, we offer comprehensive and personalized treatment for tennis elbow. Our treatment approach consists of several phases, each designed to achieve specific goals and help you get rid of your symptoms quickly and effectively.

      Based on this evaluation, we create a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

      An important part of treatment is reducing pain and inflammation. This can be achieved by scaling back the load on the elbow and possibly recommending anti-inflammatory medications in consultation with the primary care physician. Modifying activities that aggravate the pain is essential at this stage. In addition to these basic measures, we can also use techniques such as manual therapy and massage to relieve the pain.

      Once the pain and inflammation are under control, we focus on restoring the strength and mobility of the forearm and wrist muscles. This includes targeted exercises to strengthen the tendons and muscles and improve flexibility. Exercises may include stretches, eccentric muscle strengthening and grip strengthening exercises. This phase is crucial to address the underlying causes of the injury and prevent it from returning.

      Our care doesn't stop at the last treatment session. We provide long-term support and follow-up to ensure you make a full recovery and learn how to prevent future injuries. This includes regular check-ups, adjustments to your exercise program and guidance on how to resume your normal activities and sports. At Physio Vital, we believe in a sustainable approach to recovery, helping you come back stronger and more resilient.

      The right treatment for tennis elbow

      Tennis elbow can have a major impact on your daily life, but with the right treatment, you can quickly get back to being pain-free and active. At Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg, we offer comprehensive, customized treatment designed to get rid of your symptoms quickly and help you come back stronger and more resilient.

      If you are suffering from tennis elbow, contact Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg today. Our specialized physiotherapists are ready to help you on your way to recovery and a pain-free life. Together, we'll work on your health and well-being, so you can get back to enjoying the things you love to do.

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