Rowan's wrist - intersection syndrome

A rower's wrist, also known as intersection syndrome, is particularly common in rowers and sports such as tennis. The cause of these wrist complaints is often overburdening of the extensor and flexor muscles of the wrist. Complaints are often pain when bending and stretching the wrist, warmth and swelling. Physiotherapy can reduce the complaints by means of specific advice and physical treatment.


Often a rower's wrist is caused by overuse of the muscles of the wrist, especially the muscles that take care of the bending and stretching of the wrist. This form of overuse is often seen in rowers (hence the name rower's wrist), but also in sports like tennis and various other sports.


In the case of a rower's wrist, there is especially pain in the middle of the upper part of the forearm. The symptoms mainly occur when bending the wrist, but they can certainly also occur when stretching the wrist. Because we speak of overburdening, it is possible that the wrist feels slightly warm and that some swelling is present.


The symptoms usually occur gradually without there being a clearly identifiable cause. The symptoms increase over time and can lead to limitations in the execution of daily activities. Physiotherapy can ensure that your recovery is as successful as possible.


The therapists of Fysiofitaal Tilburg can diagnose your rower's wrist. They do this on the basis of an interview (anamnesis) and an extensive physical examination. In addition to the general physical examination the therapist will carry out a number of specific tests which will show whether or not there is a rower's wrist.
Physiotherapy Tilburg rowing wrist


At Fysiofitaal Tilburg a rower's wrist is treated with the aim of reducing pain and improving both mobility and muscle strength in the wrist region. The therapy consists of personal advice, exercise therapy and, if necessary, mobilization or manual therapy. It is important that in addition to the visits to your therapist you do your own homework. exercises.

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