Rehabilitation after surgery

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Physical therapy and traumatology

Trauma is the medical term for an injury caused by external forces. An example might be injury after an accident with a broken bone that requires surgery. The physiotherapists at Fysio Fitaal are trained to treat symptoms after an extensive or serious accident. The therapists are aware of the different surgical techniques and the corresponding rehabilitation protocols. Fysio Fitaal is affiliated with the traumatology network in cooperation with the ETZ. Therefore consultation with your surgeon is always possible.

Rehabilitation of (multi)trauma

Depending on the type of injury, the treatment team may include a physical therapist, manual therapist and sports physical therapist. We also work with a movement therapist for best results. We support people on their way to regaining their desired activities. Quality of life is very important to us. Our rehabilitation can consist of physiotherapeutic treatments, exercise therapy, information about the load and load capacity and advice about the expected course. A return to sport or work is often the ultimate goal. Every injury is different and needs a slightly different approach. At Fysio Fitaal we provide you with a personalized customized rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Tilburg hip problems

Our specialists Ruben Luijkx & Kevin van Geel

Examples of different rehabilitations:

✔ Physical therapy after ankle fracture 

✔ Physical therapy after Elbow fracture 

✔ Physical therapy after wrist fracture 

✔ Physical therapy after shoulder fracture 

✔ Physical therapy after spinal fracture

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Physiotherapy after sports injury

After an orthopedic surgery, it is often necessary to rehabilitate under the supervision of a physical therapist. Most often it is an accident while practicing sports, but in some cases it can also be an overuse. Some examples where surgery may be necessary after sports injuries are:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament surgery
  • Meniscus surgery
  • Ankle ligament surgery
  • Knee ligament surgery
  • Achilles tendon reconstruction
  • Labrum surgery of the shoulder or hip

Fysio Fitaal is specialized in this orthopedic rehabilitation after surgery. Through our cooperation with the various specialists in the hospitals and clinics in the region, we offer you the best possible recovery trajectory.

Physiotherapy for prosthesis

When various treatments no longer have the desired effect, a total hip or knee replacement is an option. The joint is often replaced in its entirety by a prosthesis. The muscle strength and the mobility of the joint is often reduced by the osteoarthritis and the surgery. A quick start with rehabilitation is very important for the recovery of these functions. The therapists of Fysio Fitaal will teach you how to strengthen the muscles around the knee and how the mobility can be regained in the joint. They also look at how you can best carry out your daily activities. Most people can walk again without crutches after 6 weeks. After that, the pain in the knee will decrease, the condition will gradually improve and walking will become easier. An average rehabilitation of a new knee or hip takes 3-9 months.

Pre-operative training

At Physio Vital, we offer a training program prior to surgery. Research shows that the stronger and fitter you are going into surgery, the better the results are after surgery. The people who already make a start in advance with an intensive training protocol recover faster and have fewer complications.

Transportation to the practice

The appointment generally takes place at the practice. Maybe you are not able to come to the practice independently. In this case, the physiotherapist may come to your home until you are able to come to the practice independently. In some cases it is possible to make use of care transport. Ask your own health insurer about this.

Elbow plaster cast

Reimbursements physiotherapy

Physical therapy after surgery falls under the list of long-term conditions within physical therapy. This long-term indication usually lasts up to 12 months. The first 20 treatments are covered by your supplementary insurance. After the 21st treatment physiotherapy treatments are reimbursed from the basic insurance. For more information about your policy conditions contact your own health insurance.

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Our specialists Ruben Luijkx & Kevin van Geel.

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