Your professional sports physio in De Reeshof

Have you been suffering from a persistent sports injury for some time, or have you just suffered an injury? A professional sports physio can help you get rid of your problem! Contact Fysio Fitaal in De Reeshof, Tilburg soon.


Sports physiotherapy in the Reeshof

During an intake we can gather all the information about your injury. Based on this information we will make a treatment plan, so you can hopefully get rid of your symptoms soon and start exercising pain free again. We also believe it is important to work on preventing injuries. Again, you can get help from a specialized physio.


Should the injury be serious and should you require surgery, we are happy to assist in post-surgery rehabilitation through physiotherapy. Treatments can sometimes be reimbursed by the health insurance company. Are you not quite sure about the reimbursement from your insurance? We would like to find out with you.


Contact with Fysio Fitaal

Are you looking for sports physiotherapy, regular physiotherapy or can we help you with something else? Please contact us. We have two locations, one in the center of Tilburg and one in De Reeshof. Through the website you can make an appointment directly. Let our sports physiotherapist help you!

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