XONE Regenerate


The perfect Post-Workout!

There is only one moment that is even more important than your workout itself: the moment after your workout! Your goal is not just to recover from those grueling workouts, but to improve yourself. Your goal is to become the best version of yourself! To achieve that goal you need adequate rest, but that's not enough... The right nutrients in the right amounts are essential, and that's what Regenerate provides! 

You may have heard of the infamous period after your workout called the "anabolic window." This is a period when your muscles are hypersensitive to all the nutrients you ingest and protein synthesis reaches levels much higher than would otherwise be possible. Interestingly, therefore, the time when muscle damage is greatest also offers the greatest potential for new gains. Skimping on your nutrition during this all-important period is asking for trouble.

To get the most out of the anabolic window, Regenerate is packed with essential nutrients in the right amounts to surpass your former self. Protein comes from high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein, supplemented with free-form BCAAs and l-glutamine. In addition, we have added the advanced carbohydrates isomaltulose, trehalose and waxy corn starch to replenish muscle glycogen and promote recovery of normal muscle function after intense training leading to muscle fatigue. Finally, the formula is supplemented with betaine HCL, taurine, green tea leaf extract and a comprehensive vitamin and mineral complex to provide your body with what it needs most.

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