XONE Pure Fish Oil


An ultra pure omega 3 fish oil

Embrace the power of the ocean with a huge amount of omega 3. We all know the importance of omega 3 fish oil for a healthy body. But unfortunately, many people don't like the taste of fish and therefore don't get enough of this almost magical food source. That's a shame, since omega 3 is one of those nutrients your body really needs, but of which it's hard to get enough. To help, we have developed O3 Pure Fish Oil: an ultra-pure omega 3 fish oil with incredibly high levels of EPA and DHA, without harmful toxins or heavy metals.

Each dose of O3 Pure Fish Oil contains a total of 2 grams of fish oil, consisting of 660 milligrams of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 440 milligrams of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Additionally, 4 milligrams of Vitamin E has been added for shelf life so we can deliver the best quality to your doorstep. EPA and DHA are studied in dozens if not hundreds of scientific studies each year and the benefits continue to increase. DHA is an important building block for brain tissue and it supports triglyceride levels. The combination of EPA and DHA has a positive effect on the heart and supports blood pressure. In addition, a growing number of potential benefits for athletes are also appearing, though these still need to be confirmed by further research. But one thing is certain: omega 3 is one of the few essential nutrients which means that your body cannot make them itself and you have to get them from food.

Strict quality controls ensure that O3 Pure Fish Oil contains only valuable ingredients without harmful substances such as toxins and heavy metals. This way, your body enjoys all the benefits without a single drawback.

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