XONE Aminofusion


The perfect complement to your workout with as many as 8 essential amino acids!

Ignoring your diet when it matters most sounds like a really bad idea, right? Although everyone would agree, this is still what the majority of people in the gym do. The pre- and post-workout routine is thought out in the greatest detail, while the workout session itself seems like an afterthought. But consider this: all day, your body is in a net anabolic state where protein synthesis exceeds protein breakdown, except for one moment. See where this is going? Exactly, those 90 minutes a day called your workout are also the moment when protein breakdown takes over from synthesis. That means you literally lose muscle mass at that point....

Have you never thought about it that way? Great, that means there is room for improvement! AminoFusion is the perfect complement to your workout with as many as 8 essential amino acids including a higher dose of BCAAs. To top it off, we've added 4 grams of l-glutamine and citrulline. These amino acids are the building blocks of protein and we all know the benefits of optimal protein intake. Protein supports the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.

AminoFusion contains amino acids in free form. This serves 2 important purposes. First, it provides your body with the raw building blocks to initiate protein synthesis. In addition, it is easy for your body to absorb. This means you experience all the benefits of free-form amino acids without bloating or discomfort.

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