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Pre-operative training for an anterior cruciate ligament injury

After tearing the anterior cruciate ligament, reconstruction is often chosen in athletes. This means that the anterior cruciate ligament is repaired with a tendon from the hamstring, quadriceps or patellar tendon. The new cruciate ligament is placed in the knee at the site of the original cruciate ligament. This is all done in one operation. After surgery, an intensive rehabilitation program follows that can last 12-15 months. 

We know that training is essential to regain optimal function in daily life and sports after anterior cruciate ligament surgery.

When you prepare yourself well for surgery, it has a great impact on the final outcome. So it is very important that you go into surgery as fit as possible. We call this Better In Better Out (also BIBO). You will work on strength and condition digitally or under the physical supervision of a specialized physio to appear as fit as possible at the start after your anterior cruciate ligament surgery. 

Some conditions are essential. Some orthopedists do not operate (for an isolated cruciate ligament tear, no other injury) if you do not meet the criteria below: 

  • Good flexion and extension of the knee, especially stretching should be good for normal gait pattern
  • Little to no swelling in the knee; operating in an irritated knee increases the risk of complications 
  • An active and dynamic gait pattern is enormously important for continuing rehabilitation after surgery 
  • Strength in the upper leg is essential. Studies indicate that it is only wise to operate when the force difference is less than 20% between the two legs 

Information and advice are absolutely essential. Important topics that are covered are: the use of crutches , the extent to which you can load the knee before and after surgery, when you can do what kind of work again and what the exercises will be immediately after your surgery. The better the preparation the more beneficial the final result!

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