Online shoulder rehabilitation

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Minimum term is 3 months, cancellable monthly thereafter.

Team Fysio Fitaal Physiotherapy tilburg

Specialists in the rehabilitation of shoulder pain

Shoulder pain frequently occurs in strength athletes or upper extremity athletes. Often these injuries are the result of overuse of the muscles, tendons or capsular ligaments of the shoulder joint. By making adjustments in your daily activities and training we first make sure that the overloaded area gets some rest. Then we will work through targeted exercise therapy and training to increase the capacity of the shoulder region. 

Fysio Fitaal stands for transparent physiotherapy. Together with you we come to a main goal to which sub-goals are linked. Using our app, we make the progress transparent and adjust where necessary. The content of the rehabilitation depends on the specific situation and personal preference. Evaluations are scheduled at set times so that there is a clear timeline to full recovery!

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Do you want to start online rehab? You can start right now. For €30 per month (with a minimum term of 3 months) you can become a member.