Online low back rehabilitation

Team Fysio Fitaal Physiotherapy tilburg

Specialists in rehabilitating low back pain

Complaints of the low back are common and in most cases not serious. In particular, the advice for people with low back pain is to keep moving. But the biggest challenge is to make good choices about which activities contribute to recovery and which ones should be left out for now. Fysio Fitaal will help you with this 

During the digital assessment we gather all the information needed to paint a good picture of the current situation. Fysio Fitaal stands for transparent physiotherapy. Together we arrive at a main goal to which several sub-goals can be linked. By means of our app, we can make the progress transparent and adjust where necessary. The content of the rehabilitation depends on the specific situation and wishes. Evaluations are scheduled at set times so that there is a clear timeline to full recovery!

Physio Vital Digital

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