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Do you suffer from shoulder pain?

Suffer from shoulder pain is one of the most common physical complaints. The reason is that the shoulder is a very complex joint, where multiple joints work together to form a movement pattern. There are also countless tendons, muscles and capsules that make up the shoulder give it stability. You understand that these joints should run smoothly. If this is not the case, you can go offset and that in turn can lead to complaints or overloading of tendons and muscles. Pain in your shoulder So, it can have many causes, but it is important that you keep moving your shoulder. More importantly, make an appointment with a physical therapist so they can diagnose the underlying condition and create a treatment plan.

How does shoulder pain arise?


Shoulder pain is a regular occurrence; sometimes it is even a recurring injury. Possible causes are heavy physical work or sports. The symptoms are often caused by an upward movement of the arm. Then there can be radiation towards the upper arm or the shoulder blades.

We can often divide shoulder pain into 3 types:

  1. Under the roof of the scapula, certain anatomical structures can become irritated. You will usually feel this when you move your arm sideways. You can think of bursitis or tendonitis of one of the shoulder muscles. But also complaints resulting from a fall or aging tendon tissue.
  2. Complaints that have to do with structures between the head and the socket of the shoulder. One of the most common complaints is, for example, a frozen shoulder or arthritis of the shoulder joint.
  3. It is also possible that you have shoulder pain as a result of neck problems. Sometimes the symptoms you feel in your shoulder have a different cause. Usually a nerve in the neck is responsible for this pain. Other small joints around the shoulder can also be the cause of shoulder complaints. The joint with the collarbone or the joint with the sternum can be responsible for shoulder pain.


Shoulder pain physiotherapy Tilburg
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Physiotherapy for your shoulder pain

If you are looking for a Physical Therapist for your shoulder pain in the region of Tilburg, you can come to us. We are Ruben and Arjan and we are Fysio Fitaal. We are a modern physiotherapy practice from Tilburg and we have a team of experts who are ready to help you.

At the moment we have a practice on the Veldhovenring and soon our new location will open in Tilburg Reeshof. Therefore we are always close to you. Our practice is designed to carefully guide people like you. We don't just look at your complaint, but work together towards a long-term recovery. We do this professionally and with a personal, fresh approach.

Where is Fysio Fitaal located in Tilburg?

Fysio Fitaal is located at the Veldhovenring 57 in Tilburg. We are open Monday through Saturday, so there is always a convenient time for you to make an appointment.

In addition, Fysio Fitaal has a practice in Tilburg Reeshof At the Basic-Fit gym. In this way we enlarge our catchment area and we are always near you in Tilburg.


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