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Physio Vital's team of professionals offers you effective and measurable physical therapy care to relieve your symptoms in an effective and lasting way. With a carefully curated and personally engaged approach tailored to your specific needs, you can regain confidence in your own abilities. Our expert physical therapists specialize in progressive methods and work with you to create a customized treatment plan for visible improvements. With a focus on your well-being, we strive to give you a full understanding of your situation and how to improve it in a sustainable way! We are happy to share more about our areas of expertise. Do you want physiotherapy in Tilburg Reeshof?

physiotherapy tilburg reeshof
physio reeshof

Customized physical therapy in Tilburg Reeshof

At Fysio Fitaal, we are here to support you in recovery from surgery with specific physiotherapy, and to effectively treat sports injuries with specialized sports physiotherapy. How does your first visit with us as a physio in Tilburg Reeshof go? It starts with a thorough intake, followed by initial treatment to create a customized treatment plan that closely matches your symptoms. With our unique FITAL approach, we offer insight into your situation and ways to improve it. The treatment plan is carefully crafted to promote your personal recovery. With our specialized physiotherapy We strive to get you back on your feet on your own quickly!

  • Specialist and modern physiotherapy in Tilburg Reeshof;
  • A personalized treatment plan;
  • Effective physical therapy approaches;
  • Sustainable results for a healthy and active life!


Sports Physiotherapy

physio in tilburg reeshof

Physio Vital is ready with specialized sports physiotherapy to help you recover from injuries, whether they occurred suddenly during exercise or developed gradually. We develop an individualized treatment program that seamlessly fits your unique needs. A thorough analysis of your symptoms is crucial in sports injuries. Understanding the origin of your symptoms and preventive measures for the future are essential. With our extensive knowledge of sports rehabilitation, we strive for long-term optimization of your well-being thanks to targeted physiotherapy in Tilburg Reeshof!

Manual therapy

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Our specialists in manual therapy have an in-depth knowledge of the human body, especially the spine. Manual therapy offers solutions for people with physical complaints and injuries by integrating scientific insights with practical experience. The effects of manual therapy are often immediate and can provide quick relief. Treatment is carefully tailored to the patient's individual situation and complaints. Prior to treatment, we conduct a thorough evaluation of complaints, medical history and physical condition to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Physical therapy after surgery

physiotherapy reeshof

At Physio Fitaal in Tilburg Reeshof, we strive for a structured and effective rehabilitation process with specialized physical therapy after surgery. Our extensive expertise, modern facilities and individualized approach provide a safe environment for your postoperative recovery. We adapt our rehabilitation program based on the load capacity and sensitivity of the operated area. With a customized rehabilitation plan, we go through the necessary steps to optimize your recovery. Our dedicated physical therapy in Tilburg Reeshof will help you on your way to a successful rehabilitation and long-term recovery!

Home Physical Therapy

In certain circumstances, coming to our physical therapy practice in Tilburg Reeshof can be difficult, especially after knee or hip surgery. With our physiotherapy at home you can quietly begin the first phase of your rehabilitation process.

We place special emphasis on aspects such as wound healing, restoring your normal gait pattern, teaching proper use of crutches, and starting exercises for muscle strengthening and mobilization.

physiotherapy in tilburg reeshof
physio tilburg reeshof

A fit life after our physio in Tilburg Reeshof!

At Fysio Fitaal, we are committed to meeting your individual needs through personalized physio in Tilburg Reeshof. Our aim is not only to alleviate your current symptoms, but also to guide you to a healthier and more active lifestyle in the long term. We invest the time to thoroughly understand your situation and work with you to set realistic goals that suit you.

Take contact at for more information or to easily make a appointment through our website! Fysio Fitaal Reeshof is located at Spaubeek Street 89. With our specialized and effective physical therapy in Tilburg Reeshof, we offer you the most effective treatment that not only feels comfortable, but also produces visible results.

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