Patellofemoral pain syndrome

There is usually pain around the kneecap, and this can cause pain during activities such as climbing stairs, squatting and performing squat exercises. In addition to pain, there is sometimes stiffness or an unstable feeling. A patellofemoral pain syndrome usually occurs in young adults.


Patellofemoral pain syndrome is actually a collective name for pain to the knee around the kneecap. These symptoms are common in young women, which is why this condition is sometimes called "the girl's knee. Patella is the Latin word for kneecap. The kneecap is a disc shaped like a point made of bone. Around the kneecap are many muscles and tendons that help keep the kneecap in place. Pinpointing a precise cause in patellofemoral pain syndrome is difficult. Often, patellofemoral pain syndrome involves weakening of the front leg muscles, also known as the quadriceps.


If you suffer from patellofemoral pain syndrome, it can cause a variety of symptoms. Often there is pain behind or around the kneecap. These pains occur particularly during, for example, stair climbing, squatting but also squat exercises. In addition to this pain, a feeling of instability or stiffness may be experienced. These complaints are especially common in young adults and often seen in girls.

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physio fitaal physiotherapy


Diagnosing patellofemoral pain syndrome is done through an interview. The physical therapist will ask a number of questions to see if your symptoms fit this condition. Then the therapist will do some tests to see how the knee is functioning. The physical therapists at Fysiofitaal can easily and quickly diagnose patellofemoral pain syndrome. If you think you have this condition or suffer from other knee complaints make an appointment with one of our therapists and they will help you further.


Treatment can consist of different actions. The treatment you choose depends on the symptoms you are experiencing. Often the treatment consists of a combination of reducing the pain and strengthening the leg muscles on the basis of specific exercises.

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