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Post-HBO training course Knee Advanced.


Take your skills and clinical reasoning process in acute knee injuries to the next level with the Post HBO Knee Advanced. After our training you will have a better understanding of your physical therapy in acute knee injuries. We walk with you through the entire process from anamnesis to return to sports. Finally, we teach you how to deliberate and substantiated someone back to perform his or her sport safely. 

The course consists of two parts: 

Part 1 focuses on the diagnostic process:

  • Recognizing Signs and symptoms appropriate to acute knee injury
  • The importance of a structured and incisive history
  • Applying diagnostic skills and associated outcome measures. 

Part 2 is devoted to training theory and testing, measurement and evaluation for return-to-play criteria.

  • Appropriate forms of training targeting the different phases of connective tissue repair
  • In addition, we provide you with evidence-based criteria for when your patient is ready for discharge and full sports resumption using the latest evidence-based criteria  

Would you rather follow one specific part (part 1 or 2) of the course? This is also possible! 

Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation by physiotherapist in Tilburg

Knee Advanced course content.

First part of the day

    The course starts at the beginning. The intake: where we pay attention to the history of acute knee injury. Here we go deeper into the sign and symptoms of acute knee injury and we start the process of clinical reasoning. It is very important that you have a clear picture of the prior probabilities in order to proceed with your investigation. Here we practice extensive anamnesis on "real patients" with various injuries. The second half of the evening, orthopedic surgeon Dr. S.A.F Heijnen will take us through five case histories in which he will also discuss his own clinical research and treatment options.

    Second half of the day

    This day is all about the diagnostic process, setting up your examination based on your knowledge gained during Day 1. There will be physical practice in groups with again real patients present with different knee injuries. This day is mainly about training your skills of diagnostic testing of the knee. 

    Third part of the day

    This day starts with the entire process of treatment. We will go over with you the best way to set up training within each stage of the process. We will also experience training on this day so make sure you bring training clothes. Day 3 will include the following topics:

    • Basic principles of strength training
    • Progressive loading within the limits of knee rehabilitation
    • Hip dominance or quadriceps dominance
    • Triple extension mechanism
    • Multi directional training
    • Translation of strength training to sport-specific skills 
    Fourth part of the day

    The fourth day is all about testing and measurement. You want to be able to make an adequate statement about whether a patient is ready to return to level sports. Evidence-based insights are given into what tests can be performed but most importantly why. These tests are taken from real patients who are rehabilitating at our practice.

    Times and location

    The next training starts on the following dates and times: 

    Day 1: Thursday, September 21, 16:00-21:00
    Day 2: Saturday, September 23, 12:00-17:00
    Day 3: Thursday, October 5, 16:00-21:00
    Day 4: Saturday, October 7, 12:00 - 17:00

    Location: Professor Verbernelaan 37-D, in Tilburg.


    The cost of the full post HBO Knee Advanced course is € 795,-.
    Would you prefer to follow only the first or second part? You can! The cost per part will then be €450.

    This price includes coffee/tea, meals and course materials. Accreditation has been requested for het basic register of general physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy. 

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