Online anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation

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Minimum term is 3 months, then terminable monthly.

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What does the online rehab program entail?

During the assessment we collect all the information necessary to paint a good picture of the current situation. Fysio Fitaal stands for transparent physiotherapy. Together with you and your physiotherapist we will come to a main goal to which possibly some subgoals can be linked. By means of our app, we can make the progress clear to you and we will adjust when necessary. The content of the rehabilitation depends on the specific situation and wishes. Evaluations are scheduled at fixed times so there is a clear timeline to full recovery!

  • Digital workout schedules you can't lose
  • Fixed checkpoints
  • The right exercise at the right time
  • Become part of the largest anterior cruciate ligament community in the Netherlands
  • Insightful treatment plan from start to finish!

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Would you like to join this program? You can join right now. For €10 per month (with a minimum term of 3 months) you can already become a member.


After tearing the anterior cruciate ligament, athletes often opt for reconstruction. This means that the anterior cruciate ligament is repaired with a tendon from the hamstring, quadriceps or patellar tendon. The new cruciate ligament is placed in the knee at the site of the original cruciate ligament. This is all done in one surgery. After surgery, there is an intensive rehabilitation process that can last 12-15 months. 

We know that training is essential to regain optimal function in daily life and in your sport after anterior cruciate ligament surgery.

We know that preparing yourself well for surgery has a great impact on the final result. It is therefore of great importance that you are as fit as possible for the operation. We call this Better In Better Out (also BIBO). You will work digitally or under physical supervision of a specialized physio on strength and condition to be as fit as possible after your anterior cruciate ligament surgery. 

Some conditions are essential. Some orthopedists will not operate (for an isolated cruciate ligament tear, no other injury) if you do not meet the criteria below: 

  • Good flexion and extension of the knee, especially the extension should be good for a normal walking pattern
  • Little to no swelling in the knee, operating in an irritated knee increases the risk of complications 
  • An active and dynamic gait pattern is tremendously important for the continuation of rehabilitation after surgery 
  • Strength in the upper leg is essential. Studies indicate that it is only prudent to operate when the strength difference is less than 20% between the two legs 

Information and advice should definitely not be missing. Important topics that will be discussed are: the use of crutches, the extent to which you can strain the knee before and after surgery, when you can do what kind of work again and what the exercises will be immediately after your surgery. The better the preparation the better the final result!


Information first phase 

In the first phase, recovery is the key word. Your knee needs 4 to 6 weeks to recover from the surgery. On the outside it looks reasonably neat but inside your knee is still working hard to recover. So it is important that your knee gets some rest. This means that 80% of the day you let your knee rest / recover the other 20% you are busy with exercises or various movements indoors. It is important to elevate your leg regularly. Furthermore, stretching the knee in the first phase is one of the most important goals of rehabilitation. Especially for a normal walking pattern, a full extension in the knee is incredibly important. On average, you will use the crutches for 4-6 weeks. This depends on the quality of the walking pattern. Only when these crutches are gone is driving allowed again. (There are exceptions but discuss this with your physical therapist).

Goals Phase 1:

  • Reducing swelling of the knee
  • Improving the extension of the knee(0°)
  • Improving the flexion of the knee (>90°)
  • Good control of the thigh muscle
  • An active dynamic gait pattern, with or without crutches
  • Decreasing the crutches

Join now?

Would you like to join this program? You can join right now. For €10 per month (with a minimum term of 3 months) you can already become a member.