Rehabilitation after a bone fracture

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Physical therapy and traumatology

Trauma is the medical term for an injury caused by external forces. An example might be injury after an accident with a broken bone that requires surgery. The physiotherapists at Fysio Fitaal are trained to treat symptoms after an extensive or serious accident. The therapists are aware of the different surgical techniques and the corresponding rehabilitation protocols. Fysio Fitaal is affiliated with the traumatology network in cooperation with the ETZ. Additional consultation with the hospital is always possible.

Rehabilitation of (multi)trauma

Depending on the type of injury, the treatment team may include a physical therapist, manual therapist and/or sports physical therapist. Together with a movement therapist, we go for the best result. We support people in picking up the desired activities again. Quality of life is very important to us. Our rehabilitation can consist of physiotherapy treatments, exercise therapy, information about the load and load capacity and we discuss the expected course of events with you. A return to sport or work is often the ultimate goal. Every injury is different and needs a slightly different approach. At Fysio Fitaal we provide customized rehabilitation!

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The first step in the process

After surgery, the treated area is often painful. How soon you can start physical therapy depends on the type of injury. In some cases you are still in a cast after surgery for a few weeks and it is not yet possible to start physical therapy. When you do get to start rehab, we want to see you as soon as possible at our practice or possibly at your home. We understand that it can be a lot to deal with, that it is exciting and often unknown. In most cases, you will be given some ground rules by the hospital. We would like to check with you to see if this all works out. Our therapists are aware of the various protocols after surgery. Based on the topicality of the wound area, we will take the first steps in the recovery process.

The further steps in recovery

Successful rehabilitation consists of several phases and steps. Good strength, stability and control are necessary to be able to function properly again in your daily activities. 

After surgery, several phases of tissue repair take place. Immediately after the onset, the inflammatory phase starts. In this phase, the body sets to work to clear away damaged tissue in the affected area and make room for new cells. This phase is often characterized by pain, swelling, blue discoloration, warmth and the inability to bear weight. In this phase, it is important to largely rest. The physiotherapist mainly advises on the policy and expectations of the recovery. In addition, some exercises can be given to restore the mobility of the joint.

The inflammatory phase takes an average of 7-9 days and progresses to the proliferative phase. In this phase, new connective tissue is created. This tissue is not strong enough yet and cannot be loaded too heavily. During the transition from the inflammation phase to the proliferation phase you will notice that symptoms such as bluish discoloration, pain, etc. decrease. Also, the possibility to move more increases. 

In the remodeling phase, the newly created connective tissue becomes stronger and more load-bearing. So after a few weeks, you should start to put some more load on it in the form of training along with expanding your desired activities. 

Fysio Fitaal is specialized in this orthopedic rehabilitation after surgery. Through our cooperation with the various specialists in the hospitals and clinics in the region, we offer you the best possible recovery trajectory.

Pre-operative training

At Physio Vital, we offer a training program prior to surgery. Research shows that the stronger and fitter you are going into surgery, the better the results are after surgery. The people who already make a start in advance with an intensive training protocol recover faster and have fewer complications.

Transportation to the practice

The appointment generally takes place at the practice. Maybe you are not able to come to the practice independently. In this case, the physiotherapist may come to your home until you are able to come to the practice independently. In some cases it is possible to make use of care transport. Ask your own health insurer about this.

Elbow plaster cast

Reimbursements physiotherapy

Physical therapy after surgery falls under the list of long-term conditions within physical therapy. This long-term indication is usually up to 12 months. The first 20 treatments are covered by the supplementary insurance. After the 21st treatment physiotherapy treatments are reimbursed from the basic insurance. For more information about your policy conditions contact your own health insurance.

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