Fysio Fitaal x Mauricio Franklin

Training with knee pain
Fysio Fitaal and Mauricio Franklin PT

Mauricio Franklin

Mauricio Franklin PT is a sports club where fun and fitness is central. With its concept Indoor Bootcamp they appeal to anyone who wants to exercise in a group under expert guidance. The concept Indoor Bootcamp is still quite unique in NL. With a team of 5 they run +65 group classes and +80 Personal Trainings a week!

Fysio Fitaal x Mauricio Franklin

Mauricio Franklin believes it is important to refer his members to a physio who not only has professional knowledge, but also knowledge in strength sports. This combination is hard to find among physios. The team of Fysio Fitaal is highly developed in this area and this is why they are able to distinguish themselves from other physio practices. This is why we always send our clients to them with confidence.

Contact Mauricio Franklin?

Mauricio Franklin PT
[email protected]

Mauricio Franklin

[email protected]

You can only be reached via WhatsApp: 06 - 538 58 744

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