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Make Me Stronger

Make Me Stronger offers personal training and online coaching for women who want to get fit through life. Lose weight, build muscle or simply enjoy working out... I can help.
Personal training sessions are given in a small PT studio in Tilburg. Clients can just go about their business without all kinds of people watching. Through online coaching, clients can be helped remotely with their workouts and diet.

Fysio Fitaal x Make Me Stronger

In the beginning you have to see how the cooperation goes but soon I was very satisfied with Ruben and Arjan.

How exactly does it work?

If you as a Make Me Stronger Member have an injury (or other pain that I as a PT cannot fix), I will refer you to Fysiofitaal. They will look at what exactly is going on, treat the injury/complaint and give me feedback on what should be adjusted in the training schedule.

During personal training sessions I will make sure that you do the adapted exercises correctly and that you can continue to train pain-free.

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Make Me Stronger


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