With specialized and modern physical therapy for running injuries

Moving forward under its own power.

Physio Vital stands for modern physical therapy. In our physical therapy practice, the focus is on orthopedic rehabilitation. This means that we treat injuries to tendons, muscles, bones and/or joints. Sometimes nerves are indirectly involved. We make the treatment plan as transparent as possible so you understand where you stand. Our approach consists of a combination of the latest scientific insights combined with years of expertise in the field of injury treatment. Within these frameworks, we offer an exclusive service and there is always room for personal preference. Our treatment is designed to give people back their autonomy over their bodies. Fysio Fitaal Tilburg consists of a team of experts with a passion for physiotherapy and always goes for a sustainable result. 

Currently, we have three locations. Our first physical therapy practice is located in Tilburg Center, at Veldhovenring 57. Our second location is located in Tilburg Reeshof, at Spaubeekstreet 89 at the Basic-Fit gym. Our third location is located in a health center in Tilburg West, at the Professor Verbernelaan 35-D.


Trochantor major syndrome

Pain-free running?

We understand that you want nothing more than to continue running despite any symptoms. Sign up for a free screening and we will provide you with an appropriate policy so you can get back to doing what you love most; pain-free running.

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Being able to run carefree again with Back on track

Running is healthy for you and has many benefits. In addition to its positive effect on your health, running can also help clear your head and challenge yourself. But, like any sport, running has a risk of injury. We often see runners who suffer an injury wanting to resume running as soon as possible. We often see that athletes start too early or that running is resumed without a concrete plan. In many cases it then turns out that you haven't fully recovered from your running injury and that complaints can quickly arise again. At Fysio Fitaal we make sure that you have a clear plan to get you running again in a responsible way. This way we ensure the most efficient but also sustainable recovery. Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg helps you back on track!

our specialized 

FITAL Method.

Because we like to go beyond traditional physical therapy, we use a unique and personalized treatment method to treat your specific complaint: The FITAAL Method. This is a clear and personalized treatment plan focused on the key pillars for your recovery. That way we achieve lasting results and you can move forward on your own!


Understanding your situation and how we are going to improve it.


A specialized and personalized treatment plan for your recovery.


Achieving even greater gains for your situation.

Trochantor major syndrome

Running analysis at Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg

Be able to run better, more efficiently and more powerfully through a running analysis? During a running analysis, we look at your current running pattern and together look at how it can be optimized. We take into account your goals and any injuries. Besides the running analysis we also look at the strength of especially the muscles in the hip, knee and ankle. After the analysis and physical examination, together with you we draw up a plan to regain your ability to run as powerfully and efficiently as possible. You will receive the advice along with the video footage by email after the consultation. Further support is available both physically and digitally!

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