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Running Injuries.

Do you have complaints related to your muscles, tendons, bones or joints? We can help you with that from Physio Vital help. Sports injuries are very common, which is why we specialize in them. In our practice the focus is on orthopedic rehabilitation and sports care, this includes the relief of running injuries. Together we go for lasting results!

Experts with passion

Our team, consisting of experts, is very passionate about physical therapy and sports care. Fysio Fitaal prioritizes personalized treatment. At Fysio Fitaal we combine our years of experience with the latest developments in the field of physiotherapy. This way we go about it in the most efficient way, and we can help everyone. It is important to us that you regain autonomy over your own body, and that you can do your hobbies again without pain and worry. We listen to your complaints and wishes, and make a transparent treatment plan based on them. That way you know exactly where you stand.


In addition to these injuries, there are more running-related complaints. Our team consists of experts who are eager to help you. Our team members all specialize in different injuries. Therefore, anyone can come to us with any complaint. In addition, we offer a free screening so you can start running pain-free. Want to know more, or make an appointment? Then feel free to contact with us! You can visit one of our 3 branches in Tilburg.



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Types of running injuries 

When running, you can suffer different types of injuries. We explain what these injuries entail. 

Achilles tendon 

An Achilles tendon injury is common when running. This is because while playing this sport, your Achilles tendon is put under intense strain. If you put too much strain on your Achilles tendon, it can cause pain. If you have pain in your Achilles tendon, but continue to strain it, it can cause a long-term Achilles tendon injury concerns. 


Stress fracture

In people who run a lot, the risk of stress fracture is high. This risk increases once you are not used to exercising a lot, but have recently started running and built it up too quickly. A stress fracture involves a fracture in your leg. If this is not investigated and you continue running, the fracture can cause more pain. Eventually, you may have to undergo surgery or be in a cast. This is why it is a good idea to visit a physical therapist who specializes in sports injuries. This one can investigate what is causing the pain, and how to prevent it in the future. 

Knee pain

A knee injury occurs when you play a variety of sports, such as soccer and running. The knee is a joint that allows you to stretch, bend and move your leg. When you twist your knee, you can suffer a severe injury that prevents you from using your leg for an extended period of time. That means you won't be able to run for a while. You can come to Fysio Fitaal if you knee complaints incurred and would like to start exercising again.

Lower back

Starting running without proper technique and build-up can be back pain cause. Sometimes this pain can continue to your foot or leg, for example. In such cases, it is important to contact a physical therapist specializing in sports injuries. Our team of professional and experienced physical therapists can help with this. But also if the pain in your lower back persists, it is good to seek support. Together we make sure that you can play sports again without any problems.

Runner's Knee

A runner's knee is also called a runners knee. You often feel this pain only when you are in motion. Yet the pain can persist even if your knee has been bothering you for some time, but you keep running around with it. You are at risk for a runner's knee if, for example, you build up running too quickly, but the position of your legs (X- and O-legs) also plays a role in this. A runner's knee can make you unable to run at all at some point. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact a physical therapist immediately at the first signs.


Shin splint

A shin splint involves pain in your shin bone. A shin splint can occur when you do not normally exercise and decide to do a lot of running. This may involve using the wrong running technique, or you may build up running too quickly and your shins are not yet used to this intense strain. Subsequently, irritation or even inflammation develops. If you have a shin splint but would like to continue exercising, we recommend making an appointment. Together we will make a customized plan.

Heel Spur

You can also contract a heel spur while running. This is when you feel severe pain shooting down the bottom of your foot, at the location of your heel. Heel spur occurs after there is tension on your foot for a longer period of time, due to running or standing. This involves your tendon pulling on your heel, and this causes the symptoms. Heel spur can cause pain for several months to a year. To prevent this pain from persisting for so long, contact us. We will give advice and help you reduce the pain. 

Ankle injury

Everyone has twisted their ankle at one time or another. In some cases, this even leads to a ankle injury. Some people are more likely to suffer an ankle injury than others. This may be due to a weaker ankle. In addition, multiple sprains can also cause chronic ankle instability. This is mainly caused when you don't take enough rest after a sprain, preventing your ankle from fully recovering. You can strengthen your ankle by performing various exercises.

Hip pain

If you feel pain in your hip while running, chances are you have an irritation or tear in the labrum. The labrum is a cartilage-like ring. It is also called a labrum tear. Yet a labrum tear does not have to cause severe pain. Therefore, you may also be walking around with this for too long. A tear in your labrum does not heal by itself and can cause cracking and clicking. Hip pain often occur in people who run a lot but do little or no strength training in addition to that. As a result, your joints and muscles are unable to relieve the cartilage. This is why it is important to rest when you have pain and then slowly build up running again in combination with strength training.


Your hamstring is located at the back of your thigh. Running can cause a tear in this area. This happens, for example, during an incomplete warm-up, but you may also experience a sudden shooting pain when sprinting or when slowing down while running. With persistent hamstring complaints, it's best to contact Fysio Fitaal. We will investigate where the pain is coming from, how you can fix it, and create a plan that outlines how you can resume running without the pain returning.

Pain-free running?

We understand that you want nothing more than to continue running despite any symptoms. Sign up for a free screening and we will provide you with an appropriate policy so you can get back to doing what you love most; pain-free running.

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Being able to run carefree again with Back on track

Running is healthy for you and has many benefits. In addition to its positive effect on your health, running can also help clear your head and challenge yourself. But, like any sport, running has a risk of injury. We often see runners who suffer an injury wanting to resume running as soon as possible. We often see that athletes start too early or that running is resumed without a concrete plan. In many cases it then turns out that you haven't fully recovered from your running injury and that complaints can quickly arise again. At Fysio Fitaal we make sure that you have a clear plan to get you running again in a responsible way. This way we ensure the most efficient but also sustainable recovery. Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg helps you back on track!

our specialized 

FITAL Method.

Because we like to go beyond traditional physical therapy, we use a unique and personalized treatment method to treat your specific complaint: The FITAAL Method. This is a clear and personalized treatment plan focused on the key pillars for your recovery. That way we achieve lasting results and you can move forward on your own!


Understanding your situation and how we are going to improve it.


A specialized and personalized treatment plan for your recovery.


Achieving even greater gains for your situation.

Trochantor major syndrome

Running analysis at Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg

Be able to run better, more efficiently and more powerfully through a running analysis? During a running analysis, we look at your current running pattern and together look at how it can be optimized. We take into account your goals and any injuries. Besides the running analysis we also look at the strength of especially the muscles in the hip, knee and ankle. After the analysis and physical examination, together with you we draw up a plan to regain your ability to run as powerfully and efficiently as possible. You will receive the advice along with the video footage by email after the consultation. Further support is available both physically and digitally!

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