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GYM 101

In the field of sports, nothing is more hip than working out with weights. Consequently, there is tons of information about training with weights. You can't see the wood for the trees. What is right and what is wrong with training. At Gym101, transferring the correct training information to current science is key. I like to work with people who REALLY want to learn about fitness/strength training or people who want to lose fat or gain muscle mass the right way. So no nonsense training! Gym101 offers 1 on 1 personal training but also 1 on 2 personal training. If you are having trouble with your nutrition, I will be happy to help you. Again I work with scientifically based information.

Physio Vital x GYM 101

I have been working with Fysiofitaal for a while now. I have known Ruben and Arjan for several years now. Besides learning a lot from these guys myself, our heads are also in the same direction. They too love a scientifically based fitness and physio approach. So the guys at Fysiofitaal have a lot of knowledge and can definitely help you on your way in terms of injuries. So how does the collaboration work? Report to me with your injury. I then refer you to Fysiofitaal and contact them after the treatment so that I can take it into account the next training or respond to it with my training.

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