Physio Vital before surgery

Free pre-operative training.

(*provided you choose full rehabilitation at Physio Fitaal)

Do you have surgery scheduled in a few weeks? If so, it's important to start strengthening the surrounding muscle groups before you go into surgery.

This is because we know that if you go into surgery stronger, you will also come out of surgery stronger. This means that if you have built muscle mass prior to your surgery, you will regain strength faster after surgery.

Trochantor major syndrome

We would like to support you in this! We offer you a free 6-week preoperative training program. This involves coming to train with us twice a week for six weeks before your surgery. For this six-week period you will receive a personalized schedule in our app. This allows you to train independently based on the schedule in our training room that is specially equipped for training before and after surgery.

How does the track work?

If you wish to make use of the pre-operative training program, an invoice will be drawn up for 12 treatments (twice a week for 6 weeks). This invoice expires when you complete your full post-operative course at Physio Fitaal. 

Before you start the pre-operative process, there is always an intake. During this intake we will discuss the surgery you will undergo and we will introduce you to our training room and the app.

The pre-operative intake is not part of the training program and must be paid for separately (if you have a supplementary package, it will be claimed from your health insurance).


Currently, we have three locations. Our first physical therapy practice is located in Tilburg Center, at Veldhovenring 57. Our second location is located in Tilburg Reeshof, at Spaubeekstreet 89 at the Basic-Fit gym. Our third location is located in a health center in Tilburg West, at the Professor Verbernelaan 37-D. So you always have the option of rehabilitation close to home.