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Physical therapy for sports injuries.

Sports injuries happen. Sometimes things go wrong. Usually not really preventable. You strain a muscle, sprain your ankle or twist your knee. Some sports injuries occur more often than others. We regularly see these sports injuries at Fysiofitaal Tilburg:

Sports injuries occur slowly or can occur suddenly. Here we distinguish between acute injuries such as a lash in the calf or an anterior cruciate ligament torn. When symptoms occur gradually, we more often talk about an overuse injury.

With acute injuries, it is necessary to know quickly exactly what is going on. In some cases, there is no time to waste. The sooner you know what is going on the more effective your rehabilitation is going to be. With overuse injuries we also look extensively at other factors such as current training load along with load capacity and whether all conditions for recovery are present.

Trochantor major syndrome
Physical therapy and sports injuries Tilburg
Physical therapy and sports injuries

During the examination, we look at the possible cause of your sports injury. Especially with acute injuries, it is necessary to get a good picture of the complaint. The questioning along with additional orthopedic testing ensures a correct physical therapy diagnosis. Based on this examination, a clear treatment plan is developed. We find it very important that you understand how possible complaints arise and what you can take into account to recover from your symptoms as quickly as possible! Besides specific advice, the treatment can include increasing mobility through manual therapy, various muscle techniques and training the muscles through exercise therapy or strength training. With some sports injuries a longer rehabilitation is necessary, especially when the goal is to be able to perform your sport with full conviction again.

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