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We treat these injuries with effective customized sports physio. Are you suffering from an acute injury? Then it is necessary to get a good picture of the complaint. At Fysio Fitaal, we specialize in treating sports injuries! Our extensive knowledge within sports rehabilitation ensures that you can come here for the best long-term results. Do you want an effective treatment that is tailored to your specific sports injury? Then choose our sports physiotherapy in Tilburg and make an appointment at one of our five locations near you!

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Sports physio in Tilburg: what can we do for you?

In our rehabilitation, we carefully go through several steps to ensure that you go through the best possible recovery process during and after our sports physio in Tilburg. First, we start with a comprehensive interview in which we ask you questions to gather as much relevant information as possible. This helps us get a deep understanding of your situation. We go further by combining this information with additional orthopedic tests, allowing us to make a thorough and accurate physical therapy diagnosis. This forms the basis for our subsequent treatment plan, which is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Is your family doctor needed to support our sports physio?

If necessary, we will involve your primary care physician or consult an orthopedic specialist to ensure that you receive the best possible care. It is our priority that you understand where your symptoms come from and what you can do to prevent new symptoms. That's why we inform you as best we can about preventive measures!

Specializations sports physio in Tilburg

Each sports injury has its own characteristics and requires a specific treatment process. Our expert sports physiotherapists are ready to provide the right treatment tailored to your needs, taking into account the nature and severity of the injury, your individual circumstances and your sporting goals.

Our sports physio in Tilburg focuses on relieving pain, improving function and preventing future injuries so you can get back to enjoying your favorite sports and activities with confidence. View some of our specializations!

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Physical therapy after surgery

After surgery

The therapists are aware of the different surgery techniques and the corresponding rehabilitation protocols. Fysio Fitaal is affiliated with the traumatology network in cooperation with the ETZ.

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Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation

Anterior cruciate ligament

An injury to your anterior cruciate ligament(VKB) is one of the most common injuries to the knee joint. Every year, over 860,000 knee injuries occur during sports in the Netherlands.

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Sports Care

Sports Care

Sports injuries occur slowly or can occur suddenly. Here we distinguish between acute injuries such as a lash in the calf or an anterior cruciate ligament torn.

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Sports physio in Tilburg at home

Have you had to undergo surgery to recover from your sports injury, and is it not possible to visit our practice for sports physio in Tilburg? Then of course we also offer sports physio at home! By offering sports physio at home, we can ensure that you can begin the first phase of the rehabilitation process in comfort and convenience. Our experienced physiotherapists focus on different aspects of your recovery during home visits. First, close attention is paid to wound healing, where careful observation and treatment are crucial for optimal recovery. In addition, work is done to regain your normal walking pattern, with the physical therapist guiding you in improving your mobility and reducing any pain and stiffness.

Our therapists provide instruction and guidance to ensure that you can move in a safe and effective manner (with crutches support if necessary), while paying attention to minimizing stress on the operated joints. In addition to working on basic movement and mobility, we also introduce muscle strengthening and mobilizing exercises to help the recovery process. These exercises focus on building muscle strength and improving the overall stability of the joint, allowing you to step by step return to your normal activities and an active lifestyle. Your sports physical therapy in Tilburg will be fully designed based on your specific situation.

Will your sports physio in Tilburg be reimbursed?

Rehabilitation after surgery for a sports injury is in principle covered by the health insurance company, with the exception of the first 20 treatments, which are (partly) covered by the supplementary insurance for physical therapy. A referral from your doctor or general practitioner is required, and the deductible applies to sports care from a sports physical therapist, which is often already used up in the same calendar year as the surgery took place. If no surgery preceded the treatment, the treatments of sports physiotherapy are reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. This reimbursement only applies to the supplementary package. Are you unsure about your insurance coverage for sports injuries? Then feel free to contact with us for more information about sports physical therapy in Tilburg. We would love to help you out!

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Sports physical therapy in Tilburg

We believe in customization. Our goal is not only to relieve your current symptoms, but also to guide you to a healthier and more active life in the long term. We listen to your story, set goals together and work only with experienced physical therapists to develop a specific treatment plan. Make an appointment through our website for sports physical therapy in Tilburg with optimal results!

Physio Vital has five locations! So we are always near you. Make an appointment at your nearest physical therapy practice.

  • Tilburg center: Veldhoven Ring 57
  • Tilburg Reeshof: Spaubeekstraat 89 (closed in the evening)
  • Tilburg West: Professor Verbernelaan 37-D & Dragon Street 21
  • AaBe Factory: AaBestraat 57A


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