Professional sports physiotherapy in Tilburg

Imagine, you've just been working out and suddenly you feel a pain in your knee. Or you have started running, but when you step out the door to go out, you feel a nagging pain. This pain doesn't go away, but gets progressively worse. Sports injuries can occur suddenly, or they can develop gradually. Take care of yourself and let your sports injury be treated by a sports physiotherapist of Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg!  

What is sports physical therapy?

Sports injuries are common and unfortunately not always preventable. Anterior cruciate ligament complaints, meniscus complaints, hamstring complaints, groin complaints, ankle complaints and Achilles tendon injuries are common injuries. If you come to our physiotherapy practice with an injury, the sports physiotherapist will start the treatment with an interview. From the interview we will gather all relevant information about the injury. If necessary, we will call in the family doctor or an orthopedic specialist for more information or additional treatment. Based on the interview and additional tests we can draw up a treatment plan for you. This way the physio can treat the sports injury. We think it is important that you know where your complaints come from and what you can do to prevent new complaints. If your symptoms are of a long-term nature and you need surgery, you can also come to us for rehabilitation after surgery. We help you to make a rehabilitation plan and guide you every step of the way.  

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