Physio Vital App

How it works.

Fysio Fitaal is specialized in the treatment of sports injuries. With the Fysio Fitaal app we help people who would like to be accompanied by real specialists in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. For many complaints you do not need to be treated physically and the Physical Therapist is more of a coach than a practitioner. Through planned evaluation moments we look with you at the intermediate result and adjust where necessary. We stand for innovative and measurable physiotherapy. Whether you have suffered a sports injury in the gym or you want to recover well from a back injury as a soccer player Fysio Fitaal is going to help you with that. By using the Fysio Fitaal App we will make rehabilitation transparent and we will stay constantly involved in your process!

Physio Vital app
Physio Vital app
Physio Vital app

Online rehab that you can trust!

After the intake you start with the digital program made for your specific situation. In the app you can clearly see the build-up in the different phases that you will go through. You will receive weekly feedback from your physiotherapist to see how things are going and where we can possibly build up or when we need to shift down a gear. The course takes at least 3 months, if you have already recovered in between we will take the time to ensure that the risk of a new injury is minimized. After that the online rehabilitation can be cancelled monthly.

High level physiotherapy

The Physiotherapists involved in Physio Vital digital all have a specialization. Because of this, you'll end up with the right person and get a jump start on your recovery.

Transparent Physiotherapy

Keep track of your training sessions and progress online. All series, repetitions and weights can be added in the app . Make notes on exercises that you have questions about or that are not running smoothly. Through online questionnaires and interim evaluations we steer where necessary.

Stay Motivated

Rehabilitation is even easier with our Fysio Fitaal app. The ideal app for a pleasant and successful recovery. Achieve your goals and stay motivated with the new Fysio Fitaal app. Keep track of your workouts and progress and let us help you on your way.

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