Exercise sequence.


When looking at strength building it is definitely wise to do big exercises first. If you want to get better and therefore stronger in an exercise then you have to prioritize that. When you want to get stronger with the deadlift, deadlift first. As a powerlifter, as your competition approaches, it is wise to start training the deadlift and benchpress more often after the squat. This will be the same on competition day, you will also have to get used to this fatigue. But are you still far away from this it is wise to start fresh with bench press. You're going to make the most progress this way.

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Muscle mass

Exercise order for muscle growth is another story. When we look at scientific studies, we see that it generally doesn't matter all that much. This is because muscle mass responds primarily to how much you do rather than exactly what you do. So when training volume doesn't change crazy much it doesn't matter which exercise you do first. Not even when you do an isolation exercise before bench press. You won't be as strong. Only the stimulus for muscle growth remains the same. Now that you know that it doesn't make that much of a difference which order you apply you have to ask yourself the following things:

1. In what order can you get the most out of your training for yourself?

This may have to do with injury susceptibility. If you often get bothered with bench presses because you think you should always do them first to best grow your chest. You can choose to do some gentler exercises first with a heavier weight so you don't have to do as much with bench press.


2. In which order can you do the most?

If you are always wrecked after squats and it affects the rest of your workout too much, choose to do this later in your workout. This will keep you a little fresher and you will find that you can do more in a single training session.


3. What sequence ensures that you get the most enjoyment from your workout?

If you don't like pull ups and get more energy from another exercise like lat pull downs or seated rows, do those first! The more fun you can get out of a workout the longer you can sustain it!



If your goal in particular is to develop more muscle mass, don't worry especially about the order of your exercises. Focus on how to get the most out of your workout. When it comes to strength, it is important to do the exercises you want to get better at.

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