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Integrative Dry Needling from Tilburg

Integrative Dry Needling is different from classical Dry Needling because of the broader view on the effects that Dry Needling can have. Classic dry needling mainly focuses on the trigger point theory. This theory has been disproved after many scientific studies. Integrative Dry Needling looks at a larger area and not at trigger points. Besides the local pain, the entire segment is treated and there can also be a systemic effect. Besides muscles, tendons, nerve structures and different types of connective tissue can also be treated.


Examples of complaints for which Dry Needling Tilburg can offer a solution

  • NShoulder complaints
  • NSpring Heels
  • NTennis elbow
  • NJaw complaints
  • NPain between the shoulder blades
  • NBilge problems (piriformis syndrome)

Where can you go for Dry Needling in Tilburg?

Fysio Fitaal is located at the Veldhovenring 57 in Tilburg. We are open Monday through Saturday, so there is always a convenient time for you to make an appointment.

In addition Fysio Fitaal will soon open a practice in Tilburg Reeshof. In this way we enlarge our catchment area and we are always near you in Tilburg.


Fysio Fitaal Tilburg - Veldhovenring

Veldhovenring 57
5041 BB Tilburg

Route description

Fysio Fitaal Tilburg - Reeshof

Spaubeekstraat 89
5035 JV, Tilburg

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