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My name is Dennis, 30 years old and over 15 years working in the fitness industry. To be able to support people even better and more intensively I started my company Dennis Eresh Personal Training in 2017. I noticed in the gyms where I worked there is much need for guidance on training and nutrition. And especially there is a lot of misinformation. People just do some exercises they see on Youtube or have strange eating habits. While I want to stay close to the basics when it comes to training and nutrition. No crazy diets that are impossible to keep up or just drinking shakes. Keep eating ''normal'' with the family and still achieve your goals is what I work towards with people. And above all, getting pleasure out of training is very important to me.

Fysio Fitaal x Mauricio Franklin

I started working together with Fysiofitaal because of their shared vision on training with injuries or physical discomforts. I sometimes got cancellations of members who were injured or had problems with something. Their therapist or doctor would tell them to "take it easy". While this is often not necessary.

At Fysiofitaal you get a solution-focused treatment plan to look at what is possible in terms of training or specific exercises to remedy the symptoms. This is ideal for me as a trainer. In this way I can continue with my members to achieve their goals. In a safe way with as little discomfort as possible!

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