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At Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg, we like to go beyond traditional physiotherapy. In doing so, we use a unique, clear and transparent treatment method to complaints treatment. This FITAL method is aimed at achieving lasting results so that you can get back to doing what you love. For this we use the 3 F's. Fit, Forward and Final. This is a personalized treatment plan focused on the most important pillars for your recovery.

Fit: with Physio Fitaal in Tilburg!

This first stage is all about understanding the symptoms. We want to know how the complaints arose and what may be maintaining them. This understanding forms the basis for our approach. During the interview and physical examination, we gather all the necessary information to get a good picture of the complaints. Transparency is key at Fysio Fitaal; you can trust us to be open and honest about our findings and proposed treatment plan.

physio fital method
fitaal method physiotherapy

Together with you, we establish a main goal, supplemented where possible with some sub-goals. We outline a clear starting situation by means of various tests specifically tailored to your rehabilitation and complaints pattern. These tests not only provide insight into your current situation, but also enable us to accurately monitor your progress and adjust if necessary. What further rehabilitation entails depends on your unique situation as well as your capabilities. Together, we develop a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle, needs and goals. Evaluations are scheduled at set times, providing a clear timeline to full recovery. These regular evaluations allow us to monitor progress and address any challenges.

Forward: step by step to recovery and vitality

After the first phase that consists mainly of mapping the symptoms and outlining the treatment plan, it is time to look forward. During the forward phase, we focus on the actual treatment and rehabilitation to get and keep you moving again.

The Forward Phase is designed to help you increase mobility, reduce pain and build strength and coordination. The duration of this phase varies depending on your individual circumstances, but the goal remains the same: to enable you to return to performing your daily activities independently.

During the Forward Phase, we regularly evaluate your progress and again discuss your specific needs for further rehabilitation. We also prepare you for the period after rehabilitation so that the ultimate main goal can be achieved.

Final: maintaining lasting results

As we approach the finish line, the focus shifts to monitoring and testing. Using a combination of different tests tailored to your goals, we see where there are still gains to be made. Our goal is to make sure that you can go on again without worries and in top condition.

When the main goal is achieved, a final evaluation is scheduled. During this evaluation, progress is discussed and together we make a plan to ensure that the symptoms stay away as well. Your input is invaluable here. Even after rehabilitation, the door is always open. It is possible to schedule an evaluation at short notice if there are still uncertainties or questions you would like to have answered. We encourage you to maintain an active dialogue in order to determine the best and most sustainable strategy together. This support can be provided in many ways, both physically and digitally or a combination of both.

Effective physical therapy thanks to our FITAAL method

At Fysio Fitaal in Tilburg, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. We stand for clear and transparent physical therapy. After going through our Fit, Forward and Final method, you will be ready to move forward on your own again. Are you curious what we can do for you? Then take contact with us using the contact form or call at 013-3020191 And who knows, see you soon!

physio fitaal physiotherapy
Ruben Luijkx

Owner Physio Vital
Physical therapist, MSC. Manuel therapy

With a solid foundation in scientific knowledge, Ruben combines the latest insights with his practical experience to ensure the best results. As owner of Physio Fitaal, Ruben has created a patient-centered environment that works with innovative techniques and a data-driven approach. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to return to the field or someone recovering from knee surgery, Ruben will guide you to a full recovery, with attention to your individual needs and goals.

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