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Foot injuries can occur gradually during exercise or occur suddenly. At Fysio Fitaal, we understand the unique challenges of foot injuries and offer specialized, customized treatments. Are you suffering from an acute foot injury? If so, a thorough analysis of the complaint is essential. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and years of experience, we offer the best long-term results. Do you want a treatment specifically tailored to your foot injury? Then choose us as a specialized foot physical therapist in Tilburg and make an appointment at one of our five locations near you!

foot injury tilburg
foot injury

Effective physio for foot injury in Tilburg

What can we do for you as sports physical therapists specializing in foot injuries in Tilburg? During our rehabilitation process, we carefully go through several steps to ensure that you experience the optimal recovery process during and after our treatments. First, we begin with a thorough intake interview to gather all relevant information about your foot injury. This helps us gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of your injury and the specific challenges you may face. We combine this information with foot-specific orthopedic testing to provide an accurate diagnosis, which forms the basis for our individualized treatment plan. This plan is customized to effectively address your foot injury and get you back on the field.

Do you need your family doctor during treatment from our foot physical therapist in Tilburg?

If necessary, we involve your primary care physician in your treatment or consult with an orthopedic specialist to ensure you receive the best possible care. Our priority is that you understand where your foot pain is coming from and how to prevent future injuries. That's why we're happy to provide you with comprehensive information on preventive measures.

For long-term complaints

Do your foot problems require surgery in addition to proper treatment from our foot physical therapist in Tilburg? Then we also offer sports physio to after surgery. We understand that certain foot injuries require a more intense recovery process. That's why our foot physical therapists at Fysio Fitaal are ready to guide you through a rehabilitation plan perfectly tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Discover our specialized approach to foot injuries in Tilburg!

Each foot injury is unique and requires a specific approach to recovery. From minor sprains that heal quickly with rest and targeted exercises, to more serious injuries such as torn tendons or fractures that require a more extensive and longer recovery process. Our experienced foot physical therapists in Tilburg are here to provide personalized treatment, taking into account the nature and severity of the injury, your individual circumstances and athletic goals.

Our focus is on relieving pain, restoring function and preventing future foot injuries so you can get back to enjoying your beloved sports and activities with confidence. Discover some of our specializations And learn more about your options after a foot injury in Tilburg at Fysio Fitaal!

foot physiotherapist
foot physiotherapist

Physio at home, especially for foot injuries in Tilburg!

If you cannot come to our practice after surgery for a foot injury, we also offer sports physiotherapy at home. With our home visits, we ensure that you can comfortably begin your rehabilitation. During these visits, our experienced foot physical therapists focus entirely on the specific needs of foot injuries. We pay special attention to the healing process of the foot, paying careful attention to observation and treatment to optimize recovery. We also guide you in restoring your normal gait pattern, improving mobility and reducing any pain and stiffness specific to foot injuries.

Our foot physical therapists in Tilburg provide instruction and guidance for safe and effective movement, with specific attention to the foot. In addition to basic movements and mobility exercises, we introduce muscle strengthening and mobilization exercises aimed at restoring foot function and stability. This allows you to gradually return to your normal activities and an active lifestyle, with treatment fully tailored to your specific foot injury.

Will you receive reimbursement for treatment of your foot injury in Tilburg?

After surgery for a foot injury in Tilburg, rehabilitation is usually covered by the health insurance company, with the exception of the first 20 treatments, which are (partially) covered by the supplementary insurance for physical therapy. A referral from your doctor or family doctor is required, and the deductible applies to foot care from a foot physical therapist in Tilburg, which is often already used up in the same calendar year as the surgery took place.

If no surgery preceded the treatment, the treatments of foot physiotherapy are reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. This reimbursement only applies to the supplementary package. Unsure about your insurance coverage for foot injuries? Then please feel free to contact with us to learn more about the right treatment for your foot injury in Tilburg!

foot physiotherapist tilburg
foot physiotherapist tilburg

Your foot physical therapist in Tilburg

At Fysio Fitaal, we offer specialized foot physical therapy that is completely tailored to your foot injury. We believe in customization. Our goal is not only to relieve your current foot injury, but also to guide you to a healthier and more active life in the long term. We listen to your story, set goals together and work only with experienced foot physical therapists in Tilburg to develop a specific treatment plan focused on your foot injury. Make an appointment through our website for foot physical therapy in Tilburg and find out how we can help you recover!

Physio Vital has five locations! So we are always near you. Make an appointment at your nearest physical therapy practice.

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  • AaBe Factory: AaBe Street 57A

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