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How does neck pain occur

Neck pain can occur suddenly or slowly. Sometimes you notice that certain movements, such as looking back, no longer go well or are not even possible for a while. The pain is often nagging and gets worse with movement or a certain position. Sometimes the pain radiates to the whole arm or even the hand. But the radiation can also consist of tingling in the arm and a dull feeling in the hand. It is also possible that headaches occur as a result of neck pain.

Cause of neck pain

The vast majority of neck pain has no clear cause. This does not mean that there is nothing to treat, but the reason for the pain cannot be indicated by, for example, an X-ray or MRI. The cause of these neck problems is often in the muscles or joints.

Osteoarthritis symptoms of the neck occur more frequently as we age. We see in particular that the intervertebral discs show signs of aging. This may lead to complaints.

Sometimes a neck hernia is the cause of the symptoms. Often these complaints also go away with the help of physiotherapy. With a neck hernia, there is pressure on the nerve that runs from the neck to the arm. Generally speaking, the symptoms in the arm are more prominent than the neck pain itself. So you have more pain in your arm than pain in the neck. Often this involves a sharp clear pain that runs down the arm.

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Tension headaches

Tension headaches


Tension-type headaches are the most common type of headache. In addition to headaches, the majority of people with these symptoms 60-80% also suffer from neck pain....

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