Hip problems

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How do hip problems arise?

Hip pain can occur at any age. The cause of hip pain can be very different. Think of groin problems after sports like football or running or wear and tear of the hip joint. In order to eventually relieve the pain it is important to know where the source of the pain is located. Sometimes it is not clear whether the pain comes from the hip joint or whether it is caused by another structure elsewhere in the body, such as the back, pelvis or knee.

Causes of hip complaints

We often see complaints of the hip as a result of too much strain during sport. Groin problems in athletes are a good example of this. It is often a muscle tendon injury of one of the muscles attached to the groin. Less frequently, it is a tear in the muscle, which often occurs during an explosive movement and is immediately noticeable.

Hip arthrosis is in most cases age-related and is most common in people over fifty years old. The complaints often consist of stiffness and are usually characterized by a deep pain in the groin. Sometimes there is also pain in the buttocks. The diagnosis of hip arthrosis is made by a doctor. An X-ray photograph will be taken to see the condition of the cartilage in the hip.

A bursa inflammation of the hip is also a common cause of hip pain. In a bursa inflammation in the hip you will notice that there is pain on the outside of the hip. Lying on it is difficult and often gives immediate complaints. The pain can sometimes radiate to the buttocks or even the lower back. A typical feature of a bursa inflammation in the hip is nocturnal pain.

Hip problems
Physiotherapy Tilburg hip problems

Physiotherapy and hip complaints

With hip pain it is important to also examine the lower back together with the pelvis and knee. The cause of pain in the hip can possibly come from somewhere else. During the examination we will look for the cause of your hip pain. Based on the examination a clear treatment plan will be made. We find it very important that you understand how possible complaints arise and what you can take into account to recover as quickly as possible from your symptoms!

Besides specific advice, the treatment can consist of increasing the mobility of the hip by manual therapy, dry needling, various muscle techniques and training the muscles of the hip and lower back by means of exercise therapy.

Recovery from groin problems

Dealing with groin pain

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