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How do back problems arise?

Back pain is unfortunately becoming increasingly common. These complaints can start spontaneously or gradually get worse. Pain in the lower back can be located somewhere between the lower rib and the tailbone. Usually you can clearly pinpoint the spot. In some cases there is radiation, usually in one leg and sometimes in both legs. This can be in the form of a sharp pain, but sometimes there is also tingling. Some postures and movements cause more symptoms. Sometimes movement itself is almost impossible.

Causes of back pain

Back pain can have many different causes. In most cases, there is non-specific low back pain. This means that the cause is not directly demonstrated by means of, for example, an X-ray or MRI. Usually the cause can be found in the musculoskeletal system, that is, in the muscles or joints. Examples of this are terms like Spit and Lumbago. These are precisely the complaints where physiotherapy has much to offer.

Sometimes a herniated disc in the low back is the cause of the symptoms. Often these complaints also go away with the help of physiotherapy. With a herniated disc, there is pressure on the nerve that runs from the low back to the leg. Generally, the symptoms in the leg are more prominent than the symptoms present in the back. So you have more pain in your leg than pain in your low back. Often this involves a sharp clear pain that goes through the leg.

Osteoarthritis symptoms of the lower back occur more frequently as we age. We see in particular that the intervertebral discs show signs of aging. This can possibly lead to complaints.

Causes of back pain

Neck, Back & Hernia Specialist Ruben Luijkx

Physiotherapy Tilburg and back pain

Physiotherapy and back pain

During the examination we will look at the possible cause of your neck pain. On the basis of the examination a clear treatment plan will be drawn up. Keep moving is very important to preserve the mobility of the shoulder. We find it very important that you understand how possible complaints arise and what you can take into account to recover as quickly as possible from your complaints! Besides specific advice, the treatment can consist of increasing the mobility of the neck by manual therapy, dry needling, various muscle techniques and training the muscles of the back by means of exercise therapy.

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Neck, Back & Hernia Specialist Ruben Luijkx

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