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Sometimes the complaints arise slowly but it can also be that the back suddenly starts aching. Research has shown that 90% of the Dutch population sometimes has back pain. The lower back is composed of many vertebrae with in between discs and of course a lot of muscles. Sometimes one of these structures can become irritated, causing back pain.


A-specific low back pain is mainly caused by pain in the lower back. Complaints often manifest themselves while performing certain activities such as driving, sitting for long periods of time and bending over. Sometimes, in addition to pain and limitations in activities, there is also stiffness and sometimes even some radiation to the buttocks or legs. Usually we see a decrease in complaints within 3 weeks. Often the complaints will go away quickly under the proper supervision of a physiotherapist.


The diagnosis of non-specific low back pain is made by means of an interview in combination with typical symptoms and a physical examination. The physiotherapist will perform a number of tests to see if there is any a-spefic low back pain. The physiotherapists at Fysiofitaal will help you make the right diagnosis.


The treatment of non-specific low back pain can be given in different ways. During the first treatment session the main focus will be on reducing the pain by means of mobilisations, for example. Furthermore, the physiotherapist of Fysiofitaal will provide a personalised exercise schedule to strengthen the back. If you suffer from lower back pain it is always important to try and keep moving, for example walking.

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