Sometimes the symptoms develop slowly but it can also be that it suddenly shoots into the back. Research has shown that 90% of the Dutch population has back pain at one time or another. The lower back is made up of a lot of vertebrae with intervertebral discs in between and of course a lot of muscles. Sometimes one of these structures can become irritated causing back pain.


A-specific low back pain is particularly painful in the lower back. Complaints often manifest while performing certain activities such as driving a car, sitting for long periods and bending over. Sometimes, in addition to pain and limitation in activities, there is also stiffness and sometimes even some radiation to the buttocks or legs. Usually we see a decrease in complaints within 3 weeks. Often complaints go away quickly with proper guidance from a physical therapist.


Diagnosing a-specific low back pain is done through an interview combined with typical symptoms and physical examination. The physiotherapist performs a number of tests to check for a-spefic low back pain. The physical therapists at Fysiofitaal will help you make the right diagnosis.


The treatment of specific low back pain can be done in different ways. The first treatment will focus on reducing the pain by, for example, mobilization. Furthermore, the physiotherapist of Fysiofitaal will provide a personalized exercise schedule to strengthen the back again. If you suffer from lower back pain it is always important to try to keep moving, for example walking.

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