Staying active during the summer break! How to do it.

The summer vacation period has started again and for many this means a break from your regular team sports and/or rehab. You may get a substitute schedule from your trainer or be allowed to decide how you want to stay fit during this period.

After this period, most athletes start another season in good spirits. This is where any sports injuries lurk. Because you are less trained than before, your body is less taxable, making you more likely to get injured. To reduce this risk, it is wise to stay active during your vacation/summer break. In this blog, we share some tips to get back to the start of a new sports season as fit as possible. 

An alternative training program. 

Sport specific skills such as defending a ball are often difficult to train on your own. A substitute training schedule often focuses on building up your fitness, making you less strong on sport specific skills .

Have you interest in supervised training during your summer break or any other vacation season, please feel free to send an email to for more information.

Muscle fibers continue to excite.

Of course, in addition to a substitute workout schedule, getting started at the gym is another option. This way you can make your workout consist of both cardio/conditioning and strength training. Thanks to strength training, your muscles will stay strong and stimulated. Research has shown that with little or no muscle activity, the muscle fibers in your body decrease. As a result, your muscle mass will decrease and you will be less strong. By staying active through strength training you reduce the chance of injuries for the upcoming season.

Training together

Working out together can provide extra motivation. This way, your workout is more sociable and you are more likely to actually work out instead of watching a series on the couch. Find a friend or teammate with whom you can train together. That way you will go into the new sports season fit together.

Trying out alternative sports

During your vacation, working out can be a little more difficult. You may have less motivation and not all your gear on hand. See if there is a gym in the area or take this opportunity to discover new sports.

Don't feel like going to the gym? Then you can always start running. Running allows you to maintain or maybe even improve your fitness. Are you interested in a temporary running schedule? Then check out our running blogs or email us for a personalized training schedule tailored to your competition/training preparation.

Would you like to keep moving but running is not your thing. Possibly an alternative sports schedule is an option for you. We understand that you don't always have all the training materials on hand have. We are happy to help you create a schedule where you can train without additional sports equipment.

Here are our tips for an athletic summer! Hopefully you will be as fit as possible at the start of a new (competition) season. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them!


physio fitaal physiotherapy
physio fitaal physiotherapy
Fleur Prins

Movement educator, physical therapist i.o.

I currently already work as an exercise instructor and have experience within the fitness industry as a fitness instructor (prior education: sports and exercise). Besides my education, I work a few evenings at Fysio Fitaal to further develop myself. Furthermore, I am enthusiastic about everything concerning sports, with my own favorite; running!

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