Complaints are particularly with pain the heel bone. When the symptoms occur depends on how long the symptoms have been present. Achilles tendon injuries generally recover with difficulty, so it is important to contact a physical therapist if you have Achilles tendinopathy.


The Achilles tendon is a tendon that attaches to the heel bone and passes into the calf muscle. Often this type of irritation to the Achilles tendon occurs due to overuse. A tendon is a structure that is difficult to repair. Recovery from tendon injury depends on a number of factors, including how long the complaint has been present.

A tendon problem often develops gradually and increases in severity over time. The course of symptoms is often recognizable and goes as follows:

  • Complaints at the start of an activity that gradually disappear. This is followed by an after reaction when the activity is over.
  • Complaints at start of activity that gradually disappear but are now already recurring during the activity.
  • Complaints that do not go away after the start of an activity and may be present even at rest.


With an Achilles tendinopathy, a variety of symptoms may be present. The type of symptoms and the progression of symptoms say something about what stage of tendinopathy your Achilles tendon is in. Symptoms that may be present include pain at the base of the heel bone, swelling, redness or stiffness. Pain When you start running.


Based on an interview and some tests, the physical therapist can determine if there is an Achilles tendinopathy or perhaps another condition.


Treatment of Achilles tendinopathy consists of several treatments. For example, manual muscle and tendon techniques may be used to treat the reduce pain.

In the largest cases, treatment consists of a combination of actions in the treatment room and performing a number of exercises in the exercise room. The therapist will work with you to restore the balance between load and load capacity.

This is done by using exercise therapy. Going to the physical therapist once or twice a week alone will not get you there. In addition to exercise therapy homework exercises an important part of recovery.

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