3 neck pain exercises to do at home

Stretching exercise of the trapezius muscle

The trapezius muscle is a large muscle that consists of three parts and has an important function over the neck/shoulder area. Usually we see that a prolonged the same position or stress causes pain around the neck. Often this is due to a shortening of this muscle. To pain and sometimes headache complaints that are caused by a shortening of this muscle, it can sometimes help to lengthen the muscle with a stretching exercise. With a stretching exercise it is important to hold the position in which the muscle is stretched for at least 30 seconds and to repeat this several times in a row. In addition, this exercise may be performed several times a day.

Perform the exercise as follows. Note that how you perform the exercise depends on which side you want to stretch.

Stretching the left side:

You sit down on a chair or a sofa. Then you put your left hand under your buttock, so you sit on your left hand. Now you move your head, move your right ear to your right shoulder. Then you grab your head with your right hand and your right hand comes to lie on your left ear. Chances are that you already feel some stretch. To create more stretch, pull your head further towards your right shoulder with your right hand. To make the exercise even more powerful, you could also turn your nose towards your right shoulder in addition to moving your right ear. While doing this you should feel a stretch on the left side. It is important to hold the exercise for at least 30 seconds. Then slowly move back and repeat the exercise 5 more times if necessary.

2.Double chin make deep located neck muscles

With this exercise you can train your deeper neck muscles. It is a very simple little exercise but a good execution is very important. You can do this exercise sitting or standing. What you are going to do is to make a double chin. The biggest effect comes from moving the high structures. Moving has a pain inhibition.

Perform the exercise as follows:

You look forward. Now you are going to bring your chin towards you. You are not supposed to move your chin to your chest. It is important that you keep looking forward during the whole exercise. If you suddenly look down during the execution of the exercise, you will know that you are not doing the exercise correctly. To see if you are actually making a double chin you can use a mirror. To start with, you are going to hold the exercise 10 x 10 seconds. So you make a double chin, hold this for 10 seconds and then relax. After that you do this another 9 times. If this is too easy for you you can do the exercise more often or hold the double chin for longer.

3. Rotate the shoulders/raise the shoulders

Stand or sit upright on a chair. Rotate your shoulders in large circles while keeping your arms at your side. Do this both forwards and backwards. Then, while the arms are still in the resting position, raise the shoulders and lower them completely again. Repeat both exercises 10 times.

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